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Role Playing (Games)

World-Wide D&D Game Day Saturday 48

It's that time of year again: The World-wide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day is this Saturday, November the 5th. Gaming stores across the globe are ramping up for events showcasing the game that in many ways helped the gaming industry get off the ground. 1up has some background on the event. From the article: "D&D mechanics have indeed been a core component of many electronic games, even those that do not share the same aesthetics or mythology. Japanese RPGs, including long-running series Dragon Quest, were heavily influenced by early D&D. The influence is much more obvious in many North American RPGs, some of which actually take up and expand on the D&D license, like Neverwinter Nights and DragonShard."
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World-Wide D&D Game Day Saturday

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  • Hey (Score:5, Funny)

    by Daysaway ( 916732 ) on Wednesday November 02, 2005 @01:57PM (#13933705)
    Somebody quick, what is the stock symbol for Mt Dew?
  • by Kelson ( 129150 ) * on Wednesday November 02, 2005 @02:01PM (#13933738) Homepage Journal
    Oh, wait, worldwide D&D Game day! I misread that as a worldwide D&D game!

    Just as well we don't have to wait for everyone to roll up new characters.
  • I've only been playing pen n paper for four years, but in that short time it's influnced my life as a gamer more than any video game. I wish I could DM an open free-for all game this time around, and if get the opportunity I most definitely will. But I do plan to show up at the local shop and roll lots of 20's... I hope.
  • by kinglink ( 195330 ) on Wednesday November 02, 2005 @02:08PM (#13933796)
    It's even more than they meantion, while Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior in some ways barely resemble D&D, the Original FF is even more of an off shoot with their spell system, and character creation which basically are the fathers to the Console RPG legacy as well as the handleful of RPGs for the NES (including "AD&D" a truely horrible made NES game)

    Most Computer RPGs owe a lot to D&D or off shoots of it, including Ultima, Wizardry, and Might and Magic, as well as almost every MMORPG.

    So go out and play a cool RPG this weekend if your not getting together for some original D&D fun.
  • Stereotypes (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward
    The people I know who play D&D all fit the same mold:

    - They have relatively successful careers.
    - They are technically inclined.
    - They are friendly, generally decent people.
    - Most are married.
    - They have high INT, extremely low WIS.
    - They are all socially retarded.

    All of them are social misfits. Even to this day, over a decade after the end of high school. They're still not just geeks, but disasterous nerds as well.
    • OK, INT high, WIS low - what's their STR, CON, CHR and AGI stats like?

      • Funny you should raise the question -- of the D&D players I know there are three martial artists (two with brown belts, one with a black in one form and browns in two others) and several accomplished jugglers. A few of the players I know do live-steel choreography (simulated swordfights for stage and film). A couple more do improv theater...

        Yes, you can find acne fatties at any Con playing D&D, but that's not the whole story...

        • A frighteningly large number of gamers I know are martial arts black belt equivalents [1] in a wide range of disciplines.

          [1] Not sure if it is referred to as a Black Belt in all disciplines, but many of them have had assorted gradings this year - one had to go to Japan to do here grading as she couldn't do it here (Australia) at the level she was at.

          • I know the number is pretty large but I don't consider it to be that frightening -- I've never really known a martial artist with an anger management problem. I mean I know they must exist, where else could those news stories come from... I've studied in a number of different schools in a number of different forms (dilletante, that's me) and haven't met anyone beyond a green belt who didn't seem to be on an even keel. Dunno if the discipline weeds out those who aren't, or if the discipline levels those who
    • Vote for Pedro. GOSH!!!
  • by phamlen ( 304054 ) <phamlen@@@mail...com> on Wednesday November 02, 2005 @02:37PM (#13934102) Homepage
    Well, the story definitely fits Slashdot's "News For Nerds" slogan but I'm not so sure this is "stuff that matters". :)

    Still, a few warnings for those few people unfamiliar with D&D:

    1) It's sure to generate a run on snacks, candy and sodas. Stock up before Saturday!
    2) If you see people in costume on Nov. 5th, it's not just because they missed Halloween. Also, you don't need to offer them candy (they should have their own, see #1)
    3) Really, there's only a small chance that Cthulu will actually be summoned. Still, we recommend that you avoid people in tentacled demon costumes - it might just be an all-powerful demon about to enslave the human race.

    -Peter "Once upon a time, I had a dice bag signed by Gary Gygax" Hamlen
    • Well, the story definitely fits Slashdot's "News For Nerds" slogan but I'm not so sure this is "stuff that matters". :)

      I've always interpreted that as a union rather than an intersection. Add in the fact that different things matter to different people, and it makes it much easier to accept some of the stories that end up on Slashdot!
    • I suspect that you're just being funny (due to the second portion of your post - which was indeed funny), but around here, most of us know that "Stuff that matters" == "Stuff that matters to the editors."

      And by the way, my group won't be able to meet on Saturday, so we're stocking up for tonight's gaming session. Right now.

    • Really, there's only a small chance that Cthulu will actually be summoned.

      If you're summoning Cthulhu in your D&D game, not only are you running with a REALLY old version of the monster manual, but you are probably using the wrong players handbook [chaosium.com].

  • Speaking of expanding the D&D franchise: Dungeons and Dragons Online [ddo.com] went into beta yesterday. Didn't occur to me then, but could this be a coincidence? I doubt it.

    Greeks of the world unite!

  • I've been playing through SSI's Gold Box games for the past few weeks (nearly done with Curse of the Azure Bonds). Even with the crappy VGA graphics, they're still great games, precisely because they're based on the D&D ruleset. I suggest heading over to your favorite abandonware site, grabbing one of the games (Pool of Radiance was a blast) and a copy of MoSlo and enjoy the original batch of licensed D&D computer games. Or if you wanna be legit, you may still be able to find a copy of Interplay's 1
  • I haven't played D&D since Jr. High, but I recognize the impact of the game on gamers, geeks, and even Unix culture.

    Maybe once a year, it's worth an afternoon to play a disposable character and pay homage to the grand-daddy of RPGs.
  • I wanna do them!!

    Seriously, if there are some female D&D geek girls out there...please oh please tell me where to find you!
  • 1. Set of dice
    2. Cheetos
    3. Mountain Dew
    4. Components to cast Mortencain's Faithful Watchdog-You don't want to get ambushed by 7 ogres, now do you?
    5. Ogre-Slaying Sword with a +9 to ogres-try not to get hammered on Mountain Dew if you have one.
    6. Any requirements for Magic Missile-so you can be Attacking The Darkness!(C)
  • ...that in some ways it's a shame that D&D gets the headlines like it does.

    Who remembers Traveller? I mean the little black books, now, not MegaTraveller or any of the other newer versions. Or Chaosium's RuneQuest? The Fantasy Trip? Chivalry & Sorcery?

    How about Boot Hill?

    I miss playing TFT. Eat my 1-die Wizard's Wrath you scurvy proooootwaddle!!!!! Oops, it's a tough one, and smart(?) enough to dodge. Better make it two dice. :-)
  • That there will be extreme religious groups outside these stores picketing and preventing people from coming in? You know, people like Jack Chick supporters?
  • Taking my daughter to the local game store.

    Who says you can't do anything with your kids anymore?
  • Sounds like fun.
    Our regular cyperpunk group runs then though, 2 trainee accountings, 2 store clerks, 1 trainee lawyer, me(programmer)
    and the GM whos in warehouse work.
    Pretty broad spectrum of people,
    at least on this side of the water.

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