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Role Playing (Games)

Pirates of the Burning Sea Starts Beta 26

An anonymous reader writes "Pirates of the Burning Sea is a fresh thinking MMORPG that is not based on the typical leveling treadmill like so many others. You can find a podcast interview with designer John 'Rev' Tynes at MMORadio. From the site: 'Britain, Spain, and France are carving up the Caribbean with the thunder of cannon. Fleets lay siege to ports bursting with wealth, eager to claim them for King and Country. The sea burns with the fires of glory. From the haze of battle emerges the Black Flag, and into the chaos plunge pirates, bold and resolute. This is your world now, a world of battle and intrigue, and you will captain your ship through the pages of legend!'" It's great to see one of these more niche games getting out into the wild like this.
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Pirates of the Burning Sea Starts Beta

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  • by Tyger ( 126248 ) on Friday December 09, 2005 @08:10PM (#14224882)
    Where is the source for the news that beta is started? The closest I can find is news that they are very close now, but the last report was that it had not actually started yet.
  • Good God!! Pimps at Sea [bungie.org] lives!
  • Does the lack of beta-invitation email in my inbox mean I didn't get into the beta? Oh well.
    • Re:Noooooo (Score:3, Informative)

      by Tyger ( 126248 )
      It means you don't get into the first round.

      Which, considering it is only 23 people, wasn't very likely to begin with.
  • ...that the devs get the 'Raping and Pillaging' content finished in time for the final release?


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