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Role Playing (Games) Quickies

MMOG Holiday Quickies 36

Holidays are always interesting times of the year in MMOGs, as development teams gear up for live events that change the face of the typical worlds we play in. Everquest 2's Holiday is in full swing, with the Frostfell event. Aggro me has a review for the curious. Planetside is featuring Holiday headgear, and Ultima Online offers up goodie packs with trees and presents. Azeroth's Feast of the Winter Veil has snowballs, lost reindeer, and once again has players selling cookies for outrageous prices on the Auction House. Ahh...the holiday spirit. City of Heroes/City of Villains is going all out this year (possibly to make up for the lack of a Halloween event this year). Heroes and Villains both have their own version of the event, with a mysterious Gamester entering the arena for some general holiday mischief. Finally, Final Fantasy XI not only has the Traditional Starlight Celebration, thanks to the Moogles, but just had a massive patch that's (as always) causing some stir in the player community. Happy New Year to all, be you Carebears, Gankers, or Forum Trolls! Update: 12/27 20:31 GMT by Z : Some users pointed out that I neglected to mention Red Moon Rising, Eve's new expansion, and the Guild Wars Holiday event. I promise, folks, it has nothing to do with malice. Some game events just catch my eye more readily than others, so thanks for keeping things Holiday cheery!
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MMOG Holiday Quickies

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  • Eve Online [] releases a free content patch called Red Moon Rising [], and no mention on slashdot. They release a snowball launcher that launch giant snowballs, and no mention. What do you have to do to get a game noticed around here, maybe send a free subscription to someone? What, a 14 day free trial [] isn't enough? `8r/

    Then again, my submission is still sitting in the queue and hasn't been rejected so... who knows.

    • the whole point of a P2P MMORPG is to have free content, why people are sooo thankful for Devs from a P2P game for releasing free content. They should be expected to do that!
      btw I tried the snowball launcher already, IMHO it's nothing compared to what some other games are offering, but I dont blame them, it's hard to create a Christmas spirit in a MMORPG that takes place in Space.
      • You obviously have not been having to buy expansion packs for MMOs! I mean, look at EQ, it had how many expansion packs, at like 30 a pop? Plus the subscription rate?

        I'd almost prefer guild wars, the one time purchase and then unlimited play after that.

        • Did I say that expansions did not exist? I am one of those people that doesn't support expansion with p2p games. Look at WoW right now, they are making so much more money than they need for server maint and salaries and they still want people to pay for expansion for content that was already part of the game at release. then look at Guild Wars, the Christmas and Halloween events were better than most p2p games out there, they even have a new PVP arena just for Christmas, an arena where you use skills such
          • Look at WoW right now, they are making so much more money than they need for server maint and salaries and they still want people to pay for expansion for content that was already part of the game at release.

            Umm, WoW hasn't released an expansion yet. So far they have added significant amounts of content free of (extra) charge. It's kind of harsh to complain about an expansion that doesn't EXIST yet. Why don't you wait until it's released before commenting on it's contents.

            • it makes no difference wether the expansion is released or not, because I saw the trailer for the new contents, I've already been to the areas shown when I was GM for a WoW server back at release. Much like what they did with Starcraft, the Dark Templars were shown in the beta version (made with WC engine) screenshots meaning they were originaly planed for the first release, but they decide to save it for the expansion to make more money. the new contents in the WoW expansion shown in the trailers and scre
              • Do tell me what Outland was like, since you've been there.
                • Why would you be asking me what the new area looks like when there are trailers availiable on games sites like gamespots? for example, in gamespot's trailer 1, at 2:43, you see these purle rays and trees on the ground, that is one of the places I remember because there was a huge sand timer in the middle with alot of sand trickling down, and the place was exactly like how it was shown in the trailer 1. there were many more areas I visited that weren't availiable to the public, since that was almost a year
                  • And a teaser trailer shows ALL of the new content in the expansion that is still a good 6 months from release. Riiight.

                    despite the content of the expansion, there is still no reason to make the users pay for it again since they have so many suscribers.

                    I think Ford has made enough money selling cars already, so they should give me a new Mustang for free.

                    the reason tehy are doing this is because they want more money

                    They are a business, the whole point is to make more money.

                    and because they know p

  • I was wondering if I would ever be able to find out what all the different MMORPGS did this season.
  • ...obligatory "holiday quickies" joke here.
  • Maybe we will get a nice EvE-Online timbit on the main page when they do their massive server upgrade and get on the top 500 list of super computers later this yesr.
  • Guild Wars (Score:3, Interesting)

    by TrickFred ( 231420 ) <> on Tuesday December 27, 2005 @03:53PM (#14346964)
    Guild Wars doesn't get a mention? 3 major cities (and a major PvP area) got a snowy overhaul decked out with trees and giant gingerbread cookies and such. 'Wintermas' themed quests, where you fight Grentches and Humbugs, or destroy all of a settlement's presents. Candy cane weapons! Gingerbread and Peppermint Candy shields! Egg nog! Snowman Summoners! Gifts traded in town via a mini game in which presents spawn around town, and you have to get them to a young child before the 'Grentches' blow them up! And PvP Snowball fights complete with unique snowball combat skills (Avalanche, Yellow Snow, etc.) And on New Year's Eve, an epic battle between the God of Death and the Goddess of Life to determine if the world will ever see spring! (Think Combat Groundhog Day).
    • Yes indeed, the Guild Wars "Xmas" changes (called "Wintersday" in the game) are very extensive, with many different zones affected by snow cover and massive festive decorations, quests, games and special consumables, and with all loot tables everywhere featuring extra drops for crafting candy cane weapons.

      Loads of fun goodies are available too of course, including items that provide a strong in-game boost outside of the festivities. For example, whacky snowmen golems that you can hire as henchmen for your
  • (Shameless—but relevant—fan site plug, with hopefully useful info...)

    I'm the admin of the ParagonWiki [], a CoH/CoV wiki. Last week, I wrote an article called Winter Event 2005 [] in which I've tried to cover in-depth everything that CoH/CoV has done for the winter holidays.

    If I missed anything, feel free to edit it. It's a purely fan volunteer effort, so although I don't really believe in hell, if you vandalize it, I'm pretty sure you'll end up there.

  • Frostfell is a Turbine trademark, being used in Asheron's Call as a server and a season name. Sure, nobody really plays AC anymore (this is AC1, not the AC2 that closed down, but give it time, yes, yes), but surely :).

    On the other hand, consider that not only does SOE have ridiculously better lawyers than poor ol' Turbine, but SOE also does all of Turbine's distribution. I would predict a sea of quiet on this 'un.

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