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Dystopia Patched, Aftermath Dated 16

urinal-cake writes "The popular Half-Life 2 Modification Dystopia has been graced with a highly anticipated update patch. Dystopia is the highly awarded Source modification whose development team was flown to the Valve offices to work on the game. The update patch contains two new maps, one based on breaking in to a missile installation and the other on infiltrating a highly guarded fortress. The update can be found at their website. Dystopia represents what a team of gamers can do with free tools and a lot of spare time." Relatedly, Gamecloud is reporting that Half-Life 2 Aftermath is slated for an April 24th release date.
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Dystopia Patched, Aftermath Dated

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  • I think Aftermath is going to kick ass. Yep, this is just my opinion as a gamer but Half-Life 2 was one of the few games of 2004 that really held my interest from the first minute until the ending movie. Not that long, not that hard ("Hard" difficulty should be VERY difficult IMO, shame most developers just use difficulties as a way of prolonging the game experience), but very very fun. If Valve can pull off the "fun factor" again for the expansion I expect to see it winning a lot of awards this year.
    • Will Aftermath be free?
  • I've been playing Dystopia since their first demo release a few months ago, and I've got to say it's a nice change of pace from the "realistic" Source games like Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat, not to mention the creative additions which make it far more interesting than most multiplayer FPS games. With all the cool cybernetic implants available for your player, you can be like Steve Mann with a minigun, invisibility, and the ability to turn yourself into a small nuclear explosive if you're on the brink o
  • It's a good mod, and is very promising. Looks like this is going to be the new Valve golden-boy (seeing as what's being developed right now is the "demo"). Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since it'd round out the realistic official mods for the game with something different.

    Unfortunately, theres a lot of good players right now, so it is somewhat frustrating trying to learn the game and getting ganked 10 seconds out of the base.

    Still, a good fresh idea for a mod, and one of the better cyberpunk pc gam
  • So that's April 24th 2007?
  • and a lot of spare time

    At least it pays off a LOT!

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