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Role Playing (Games)

The Ahn'Qiraj Tailgate 72

AFK Gamer reports live from in front of the Ahn'Qiraj gate on the Medivh server in World of Warcraft. Folks on that server became the first in the game to complete the grueling quest to supply the Alliance and Horde with supplies. The supplies (food, bandages, and ore) are slated to be used in the upcoming war with the insect-monsters of the Silithus Zone. Now that the quest is complete, it will be almost five days as the supplies make their way to the front lines. At that point, the Gate of Ahn'Qiraj will open and two new dungeons will become available to the community. Players from all servers have been flocking to Medivh to witness the event, which has prompted a response from Blizzard. From Foton's report: "We had a difficult decision when players started gravitating towards Medivh. In the end, we had to make a choice between: 1) Letting everyone show up in Ahn'Qiraj until the realm crashed, thus allowing no one to experience the event whatsoever; or 2) Remove the low level players from the area, thus allowing the players who worked for the event -- the true residents and community of the realm -- to enjoy it." As a result of yesterday's events, they've disallowed new characters on the Medivh server.
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The Ahn'Qiraj Tailgate

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  • by Z0mb1eman ( 629653 ) on Wednesday January 18, 2006 @03:43PM (#14502757) Homepage
    That's great, but still no mention of the ridiculous queues that most realms have seen since December. Half an hour to an hour login queues are now common - even on new servers. One of the Blizzard moderators posted something to the effect that every single day for the past few weeks has set a new record in terms of people online - which is great for Blizzard, but it means the game is practically unplayable for so many people, especially those who only have something like 2 hours to play every day and spend one of them in queue.
  • by VickiM ( 920888 ) on Wednesday January 18, 2006 @04:08PM (#14503077)
    As a low-level character on a different server, I'm very disappointed. I had been donating what I could (copper bars, linen bandages, lower-level stuff). I figured it was a community thing and, even though the dungeons will be old news by the time I finally got there, I would at least be helping the world event. But now I find out that, despite helping, I'm not allowed to witness the event? Even if I managed to survive walking the way there? My last linen bandage has been donated.

    People in the forums were complaining that lower-levels weren't helping the collection effort. Seems the lower-level people were in the right this time.
  • by Oliver Wendell Jones ( 158103 ) on Wednesday January 18, 2006 @05:30PM (#14504064)
    I'm sorry if you expected that. Eve is VERY focused on player interaction, not PvE content.

    You're right, Eve has virtually no PvE content, so there isn't much to do if you're not the social type.

    I highly encourage anyone new to Eve to find a corporation to work with. It completely changes the game.

    I tried joining a corporation. I was told "go out by yourself and mine more ore (so we can build a great big ship that you'll never get to actually fly)". It reminded me of the times growing up when my next-door neighbor would invite me over to watch him play with his new toys. "Oh, goodie... I'm paying a monthly fee for this?"

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