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PlayStation (Games)

First-Party PS3 Titles Announced 52

Gamasutra reports on a list of first-party titles that will see launch with the PlayStation 3. From the article: "The specifically listed games are Polyphony Digital's latest Gran Turismo iteration, Genji 2, presumably a sequel to Yoshiki Okamoto's samurai action title for the PlayStation 2, Everybody's Golf 5, the latest in Camelot's popular cartoon golf series, and titles named Monster Carnival, Angel Rings and The Eye Of Judgment. No other information is currently available on the games."
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First-Party PS3 Titles Announced

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  • I wonder (Score:2, Interesting)

    by ecryder ( 851413 ) on Wednesday January 18, 2006 @02:10PM (#14501579) Homepage Journal
    when those 4,000 devkits shipped out? If it was recently, we're obviously not going to see a springtime release.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday January 18, 2006 @02:37PM (#14501885)
    The Sony PS3 event is only a few weeks away now. That will be the official starting gun for the next gen console race between Sony and Nintendo.

    The 360 is effectively dead and no longer relevant. Microsoft funded projects will continue on in development of course, but we are going to see publishers quietly trimming back 360 ports. Mostly in Japan, but over the next few months in the US too. Microsoft would be in bad shape even if they didn't have the hardware and manufacturing defects that is holding up shipments of new consoles on store shelves. But it sounds like the hardware problems are going to persist well into the middle of 2006 which pretty much is the final nail in the 360's coffin.

    The amount of support the Revolution is getting is amazing. Developers are going nuts over ideas for the new controller. Sony looks like they are going to be head to head with Nintendo in Japan. And if the Rev is cheap enough, will probably be the highest selling 'second console' ever for people in the US and Europe.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Sony doesn't easily top the PS2 in worldwide installed base numbers with the PS3. The PS2 looks like it is on track to hit 120+ million as it winds down its life over the next couple of years. Sony is stronger than ever with even more developer support than with the PS2 and 140-150 million PS3s over the next five years sounds like a reasonable lifetime installed base for the console.

    The early reports on the first PS3 games are glowing from people who have seen them firsthand. The PS3 event in a few weeks is going to something no gamer will want to miss.

    And the porn industry is officially throwing their weight behind BluRay. RIP HD-DVD...

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday January 18, 2006 @03:40PM (#14502707)
    Nobody likes a Sony shill. Which you clearly must be... no human being would make statements like yours unless they have spent the last 90 days living in a cave, or working for SCEI. And this isn't the first thread you've posted in either... your turn of phrase is recognizable.

    The 360 is dead, eh? You'd better get word to the masses who still can't find one to buy at retail. I'm willing to ante up right now. I want one and I have cash in hand sufficient to pay the MSRP. What's that, you say? Sold out everywhere due to overwhelming demand? Certainly the sign of impending death, that. Methinks thou doth protest too much.

    Xbox Live DOES give it the trump card over PS3, as well as the year's head start. Proof that online gaming is the key? Ask Blizzard. They might offer some wisdom on the subject.

    Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD? Irrelevant. The next format will have us download what we want to watch, in realtime. We won't collect and archive anymore; we'll merely TUNE IN and pick our interest. For present-day material, DVD-ROM is sufficient, using Mpeg4/HD for high-definition video as applicable. Blu-Ray will be Sony's albatross this time around. Plus, what the porn industry does for format no longer matters. Porn is FREE now (well, ad supported), if you have access to the Interdoodle. Anyone who pays for porn anymore is a moron.

    Revolution is doing something new. Your employer has been bitch-slapped by Nintendo every year in profits, and now they're liable to lose the lead in the console race as well. Only coreboyz want the PS3 to play NewFPSorRPG XVXLIXXVI, but every gamer worth his or her salt is chomping at the bit to see what the Revolution will be like, and you can bet it will be the iPod of the video game industry, with everybody from kids to teens to grandmas enjoying it. Nintendo has done this before and they're about to do it again... they're about to take the video game world someplace new and incredible. I'm in.

    And Gran Turismo as a launch title? Pffft! I've waited for GT titles before. The last one... took a while. And launched unfinished. Sony's track record in this regard is worse than abysmal. Sony promises a lot and delivers somewhat less. Lucky for them, it was enough last time around...

    This post brought to you by an owner of all three current consoles.

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