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XBox (Games)

Xbox Arcade Crystal Quest Maker Interviewed 35

Xbox Live Arcade is, so far, the easiest thing to point to as a complete success for the Xbox 360. The number of excellent games (some of them quite original) released for the service since the system's launch is very impressive. Gamecloud has an interview with Patrick Buckland, founder of Stainless Games. Stainless created Crystal Quest, the most recent addition to the Xbox Live Arcade. From the article: "Gamecloud - How did using the Xbox 360 Live Arcade to distribute the game come about? Patrick Buckland - It's a marriage made in heaven. We are going to do a downloadable PC version as well, but you get into the whole piracy issue again. Xbox 360 Live Arcade is just SO perfect for classic games - and for new games as well, as you'll see in the future from Stainless."
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Xbox Arcade Crystal Quest Maker Interviewed

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  • Easy game. (Score:2, Informative)

    by Saige ( 53303 )
    It's mostly an easy game... or at least the achievements are easy. I got the game the night it was released, and by the next morning, had all 12 achievments. Only a few were even any real effort. All I had to do was camp the levels on standard difficulty, and got most achievements that way.

    Going for high scores isn't that much fun either, since you camp again, just on the hardest difficulty.
  • ObPA (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Rob T Firefly ( 844560 ) on Friday February 10, 2006 @05:14PM (#14690242) Homepage Journal
    I thought we were moving away from this sort of interview [].
  • Is this XBox offering just a downloadable version of the older game for Game Boy []?
    • It's an updated version of the 1987 Macintosh game. They even included a classic mode that's EXACTLY like what I played on the iici, right down to the Chicago font. Too bad the "updated" version sucks in my opinion, and classic doesn't have high-score lists.
  • "The number of excellent games (some of them quite original) released for the service since the system's launch is very impressive."

    What's that smell? (Sniff, sniff.) Um, check the tip of your nose...

  • I had that game on my IIGS (Identical grpahics to the retro-style screenshot on the XBox site about Crystal Quest). That game was great. So simple, but so addicting.
  • I played this game on many Macs over the years, Casady & Greene did a great job on it. Mind you, I never played it in colour, but it was still a ton of fun.

    Read more about the history of Crystal Quest here. [] Makes me wonder if we'll ever see a new version of Dark Castle. (The best black & white game ever)
  • The best Crystal Quest clone i've played was XQuest on my old DOS box. I see the source is out [] now; perhaps it's time to port it to SDL if the licence permits.

    It would be nice to just apt-get install xquest one day.

    • Try koules
    • Re:XQuest (Score:2, Informative)

      by at0mjack ( 953726 )
      I'm the author of XQuest. I've been tempted several times to do an up-to-date port, but (a) I've got a family and hence no time, and (b) the original was written in a mixture of Turbo Pascal and assembly language, so it would have to be more like a complete rewrite rather than a port. The source is available, so if anyone wants to port and/or rewrite it I'd be more than happy to let them do so under the GPL or similar.
      It's probably worth mentioning that the original doesn't work under W2K or XP, but wor
      • Hi, at0mJack.

        I can confirm that XQuest runs fine in DOSBox, and with sound! I notice that your web site says that sound doesn't work but it works just fine here.

        With the default configuration the sound does lag by about half a second, but changing blocksize from 2048 down to 512 in the [mixer] section of ~/.dosboxrc fixes that. Maybe a note to that effect on your web site?

        And thanks for the many hours wasted in this addictive little game when I should have been studying :)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    There have been clones like burble [], and X-Quest []. How do the gameplay stack up again Crystal Quest?
  • Geometry Wars (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Hubbell ( 850646 )
    Geometry Wars is one of the simplest and most fun games I've played. I played it for the first time tonight and played it for hours fighting off my friends from using the 360 cause I got hooked on it so fast. I'd have to say the 360 Arcade is an EXTREMELY good setup, and a very good reason to get a 360 on top of the games you can purchase at the store.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Does the 360's library of games suck that much?

  • I released XQuest [] back in 1994-ish. The gameplay was vaguely similar to Crystal Quest, but the graphics, sound etc were all original. Buckland claimed I'd violated his copyright and asked me to pull the game. I played nice and changed aspects of the game that he'd claimed were too similar to Crystal Quest but he still waved copyright-infringement threats at me and demanded I stop distributing XQuest.
    Eventually I called his bluff and he gave up, but the whole experience left a bit of a bitter taste. Intere

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