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KDE 4 Screenshots 458

carlmenezes writes "Screenshots of the upcoming and much talked about KDE 4 have appeared at Planet Diaz. They include screenshots of the control panel, system tray, tabbed views, music and mail views, plus a mockup or two. I don't know what the Gnome guys are up to, but KDE is starting to look seriously cool."
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KDE 4 Screenshots

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  • by strider44 ( 650833 ) on Tuesday February 14, 2006 @04:11AM (#14714231)
    Can anyone tell if there are any actual screenshots in that bunch? I'm having a bit of trouble finding them.
  • by BadAnalogyGuy ( 945258 ) <BadAnalogyGuy@gmail.com> on Tuesday February 14, 2006 @04:15AM (#14714244)
    I think that trying to judge a book by its cover is probably the worst way to determine the utility of a window manager. One ought not be swayed by high resolution backgrounds and pretty fractal images. Then, of course, we live in an age where Mr. Britney Spears has a hit album, so I don't really have much confidence in the general public's ability to discern quality products from glitter-encrusted dog shit.


    BTW, the link is Schiavo.
  • Coral Cache (Score:4, Informative)

    by Nycto ( 138650 ) on Tuesday February 14, 2006 @04:15AM (#14714247) Homepage
    Coral Cache for the curious:
    have [nyud.net]
    appeared [nyud.net]

    (that first one was working for me, but I haven't been able to get the second to load yet)
    • Re:Coral Cache (Score:3, Insightful)

      by aussie_a ( 778472 )
      I've yet to get any of the pictures loaded in the cache. Had it been linked to in the first place, perhaps the cache would be working better.
    • ...but the main images are served from a MySQL database, which, big surprise, has been smashed flat by the unexpected and overwhelming load. I'm impressed that it even manages to produce a good error message. (-:
  • KDE makes me want to log out of Linux, but that's just my opinion. Here's some of the better pictures from the forum post that seems unresponsive atm. Gogo google-cache.
    http://img460.imageshack.us/img460/2962/components 31jm.png [imageshack.us]
    http://img460.imageshack.us/img460/707/possibleui1 3ke.png [imageshack.us]
    http://img460.imageshack.us/img460/5343/fake5bo6pi .jpg [imageshack.us]
    http://img460.imageshack.us/img460/2605/fakepanels etup7wv8km.jpg [imageshack.us]
    http://img460.imageshack.us/img460/8478/desktop1vn 1co.jpg [imageshack.us]
  • Other screenshots (Score:3, Informative)

    by titten ( 792394 ) on Tuesday February 14, 2006 @04:26AM (#14714287)
    Since the Slashdot effect is working it's magic, here are (unfortunately only three) other screenshots: http://garret.wordpress.com/2006/01/30/kde4-screen shots/ [wordpress.com]
    • Those are NOT screenshots. Those are mockups. There are many people who are floating around ideas what KDE4 could look like and behave. And many of them have created mockups to illustrate their ideas. Those "screenshots" are just that.

      I haven't seen the screenshots mentioned in the original post, but I have a feeling that they too are just mockups or extremely early screenshots of pre-beta code that does not in any shape or form reflect the final product.
  • Ok, those -DO- look sweet, but the actual graphics are really the least of my concerns for a window manager. I would rather see it be very fast an responsive, clean, easy to understand, and setup up intellegently so that even my mother or grandparents can use it.

    Oh ya, let's hope they ditch the two part windowsish looking start menu thing. First thing I did in XP was disable that... Instead lets see smart toolbars / menu's / buttons / etc.
  • mirror (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    mirror mirror on net!

    I can't access this site yet! ;)
  • While waiting for the smoldering heap of plastic at planetdiaz to recover, I looked a bit around, and noticed the new "Related Stories" widget. Is this filled in automatically? If it is, it will become seriously funny when a dupe shows up.
  • by Nahooda ( 906991 ) on Tuesday February 14, 2006 @05:04AM (#14714399) Homepage
    You know Slashdot is american based when you read all the negative comments about KDE.

    Over here in Germany it's enormously popular.

    Must be some kind of clash of civilizations...

    I'm using it, too, as I like the integration of apps and window manager. On the negative side, the high level of integration can be security problem as Windows shows.

  • by pinkocommie ( 696223 ) on Tuesday February 14, 2006 @05:06AM (#14714407)
    Anyone know of an estimated (stable) release date?
  • Yawn (Score:2, Redundant)

    by tymbow ( 725036 )
    There are so many KDE 4 screenshot archives about at the moment and none of the seem to share much similarity, so I'm not inclined to believe any of them are the real deal. Personally I think KDE still suffers from bloat (particularly options bloat) and could it please drop the K-this and K-that names - it's childish and unprofessional.
    • Re:Yawn (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Slashcrunch ( 626325 )
      Correct, many of them are probably mockups. Consider them concepts for look and feel and features which don't yet exist.

      KDE is bloated with options, compared to what? I assume you are referring to Gnome which has virtually no options, and little possibility to make it work the way I want it to? A long time ago I was a Gnome user, but one day I started toying around with KDE... and I couldn't bear to go back into Gnome after a while. I could make this desktop work just the way I wanted

      KDE might not suit
    • Re:Yawn (Score:2, Insightful)

      by segedunum ( 883035 )
      Can you stop this childish and unprofessional bollocks people always come up with? No one says that about prefixing a 'G' to everything, and no one complains about 'i' being attached to everything Mac. It's called marketing.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    i hope they get rid of aRTS so i can have full duplex sound w/ non kde apps and kde won't continue to take /dev/dsp hostage.

    • /dev/dsp is always taken hostage unless the sound driver supports multiple sound streams, either by internal software mixing or by mixing in hardware. This is the very reason why sound daemons like arts or esd exist.

      Of course, this changes once dmix is stable enough. And I hope that its latency and accuracy is not as bad as esd's.
      • I think dmix is enabled by default in the latest stable version of ALSA, 1.0.10.
      • JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit) is the most lowest latency audio mixer out there. DMIX isn't there yet with latency issues (especially when you're burning a CD, your MP3 player ends up sounding choppy.)

        If we can get Firefox (last holdovers) to support Jack Daemon, then my audio platform is sweet and complete.

        Nothing like multiple channels being independently mixed using a patch panel.

        When I want my KDE artsd-fartsdy sound daemon on LOW, I don't want MPLAYER volume slider to suppress KDE sound or FSCK the
    • Already happening, but in the meantime can't you just use artsdsp on those apps?
  • .... gnome!

    Am I the only one seeing odd similarities between KDE4 and Gnome screenshots? Well, isn't all that important to me, as I use KDE not because of its optics, but because its tech is so much better than Gnome's. I mean, kioslaves vs. gnomevfs, konqueror vs. nautilus etc. (Also, I don't know if a gnome counterpart to KParts exists). The underlying systems are much better integrated and designed. The UI itself is a matter of taste.
  • by 10Ghz ( 453478 ) on Tuesday February 14, 2006 @05:28AM (#14714481)
    I hate to rain on your parade guys, but these are NOT "screenshots" of KDE4, and I have no idea why the admin of those forums (who posted the pictures) claims that they are. These pictures are mockups. Not screenshots but mockups. Many people have ideas what KDE could look like, and many of them have created mockups to demosntrate their ideas. There are many KDE-related forums/websites that are full of such mockups.

    There are no interesting KDE4-screenshots to show because there's nothing to show really. The work on KDE4 is going on at the library-level at the moment. The actual GUI (if you could get it work that is) would propably be almost identical to KDE3.5.

    Move along, nothing to see here.
  • by ltmon ( 729486 )
    Well not if you're looking for actual screenshots.

    These mock ups and their kind have been appearing on kde-artists.org for months now and are the work of artists trying to concenptualise ideas the devs could be working on.

    AFAIK the developers haven't gotten up to doing anything remotely visual for KDE4 yet and are still working on the underpinning libraries.

  • These are good-looking shots, but as they are only mock-ups it's a moot point as to what the final dish will turn out to be like.

    Half the posts on this thread are redundant. KDE is entirely voluntary: no one has to run it. If it doesn't do what you want, use another desktop environment, or no desktop environment. On Linux at least, we are spoiled for choice in this respect.

    In addition, some of the comments about eye candy are misplaced. Good design is extremely important: good design helps me do what
  • But what is really important is what is under the hood.. Look and feel is only part of the importance of KDE. It can look as pretty as a rose, but if its garbage underneath it wont matter much. ( not that it is garbage underneath, just making a point )
  • widgetized terminals (Score:4, Interesting)

    by cabazorro ( 601004 ) on Tuesday February 14, 2006 @08:32AM (#14714969) Journal
    okay kde developers log this:
    A great deal of kde users are heavy shell users (xterm,konsole,whatever)
    I wish some kind of terminal apps could be held as a widget on the desktop showing
    the actual text being displayed in the terminal (shrunk but visible and legible) and upon clicking or roll-over restores itself.

    And here's the kick-ass feature.
    a F-key expose that gives you all your terminals with the actual text displayed in real time and a history scroll bar that scrolls the history a typed commands not the displayed text. You roll over the terminals on expose and the take over the whole screen for 1 second and if you keep moving the mouse, returns to expose, if you stop moving the mouse the terminal remains in full-screen mode, if you right-click the terminal stays in full-screen mode. You press F-key and return to expose.

    wait wait wait, when you select expose, the terminals are displayed and take over the whole screen from left to right top bottom in chronological last-selected time (like alt-tab) and you press anoter F-key and all terminals show the last 10 commands executed with the return text ALL IN SLOW MOTION!!

    Now you picture this: You arrive at 9 AM with your coffee and your bagel all grogy, sit in front of your screen, log-in, press terminal expose, press history and voila! you get to see a little movie of all the crap you were doing the night before..kewl eh?

    You got all that!! Now go tiger! go!

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