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XBox (Games) E3

Gears of War Impressions Roundup 22

As excited as folks got at the Halo 3 trailer, the 360 game I've enjoyed seeing coverage of at this year's E3 is Epic's Gears of War. From GameSpy's hands-on piece: "While many third-person shooters are run 'n gun affairs, Epic likes to say that the emphasis in Gears of War is on a 'stop 'n pop' style of play. This means that, rather than running directly into the action, players are better off using cover to proceed across the war zone. Using said cover is a breeze in Gears, thanks largely to the 'All button,' which is mapped to the Xbox 360's A button. Once you're facing cover, a quick press of the A button will slam you into place, out of harm's way, and pressing it again will pull you away." More impressions below if you Read More.
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Gears of War Impressions Roundup

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