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XBox (Games) E3

Gears of War Impressions Roundup 22

As excited as folks got at the Halo 3 trailer, the 360 game I've enjoyed seeing coverage of at this year's E3 is Epic's Gears of War. From GameSpy's hands-on piece: "While many third-person shooters are run 'n gun affairs, Epic likes to say that the emphasis in Gears of War is on a 'stop 'n pop' style of play. This means that, rather than running directly into the action, players are better off using cover to proceed across the war zone. Using said cover is a breeze in Gears, thanks largely to the 'All button,' which is mapped to the Xbox 360's A button. Once you're facing cover, a quick press of the A button will slam you into place, out of harm's way, and pressing it again will pull you away." More impressions below if you Read More.
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Gears of War Impressions Roundup

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  • by cluke ( 30394 )
    While many third-person shooters are run 'n gun affairs, Epic likes to say that the emphasis in Gears of War is on a 'stop 'n pop' style of play.

    Hmm, they are bringing in some stealth elements, eh? How very revolutionary.
    The only other FPS I can think of that incorporates this sort of thing is... every damn one in the last 3 years! Nothing I love more in games than having to be careful.
    • ParseSentence(SoundBite){
      if Contains(SoundBite, "revolutionary"){

      MS and Epic know what they have here, dude. It's not a revolutionary leap over anything. It seems (at least from reading the press reaction) that it's a solid shooter.

      Remember, Microsoft is the same com
    • I caught some live playing footage of the game on G4's E3 coverage, it actually looked pretty nice, if it comes out on PC, I may check it out.

    • Stop-n-pop doesn't spell stealth. Emphasizing the fact that you need to take cover in a game seems like you need to be pretty careful .
    • Of course, it's not an FPS. "Third Person Shooter" kind of gives that away... ;)

      It actually looks fairly reminiscent of Killswitch, which I never picked up for PS2 but apparently it was ok. This looks a bit more polished though, so if I do get a 360 I'll probably give it a go. My PC will never be able to handle it... :(
    • It's an odd definition of "stealth" you have where taking cover is encompassed by it.

      "Stealth" means acting in a covert way. It does not mean taking cover. Taking cover is a smart thing to do, but is in no way "stealth."
  • Part of the problem with cover in another game that uses it this way (Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighter) is that you can only take cover in places where the system has already decided as being cover.

    This was even more pronounced in another incredibly fun game, Star Wars: Republican Commando.

    Another issue I noticed in GRAW was that getting in and out of cover was sluggish and that your agility to aim while in cover was much different from when you were not in cover.

  • It has nothing on Quake Wars in terms of fun teamplay.
    Seeing as how many people have broadband nowdays, playing FPSes against AI is not the same as what it used to be.

    For all the gimmics they throw at you, the gameplay is still linear.
    Give me class-based, objective-based, online teamplay over eye candy any day.

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