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XBox (Games)

Xbox 360 Core System Going to Japan 72

Grooves writes "Microsoft is bringing the Xbox 360 Core System to Japan a week in advance of the PlayStation 3 launch. Previously only available in North America and Europe, the Core System will cost 29,800 Yen ($256), approximately 10,000 yen ($86) cheaper than the premium Xbox 360. They're also throwing in a few games. From the article: 'According to a Microsoft spokesperson, buyers of the new base system will also get two free games for a limited time: Project Gotham Racing 3 and Ninety-Nine Nights. Microsoft will additionally announce the release of three other Platinum games which will be priced at 2,800 Yen, or $24.'"
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Xbox 360 Core System Going to Japan

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  • Kakkoii! (Score:3, Funny)

    by kyouteki ( 835576 ) <kyouteki AT gmail DOT com> on Friday September 08, 2006 @10:47AM (#16066225) Homepage
    Fantastic! Now it will cost them even less to buy a system they don't want!
    • Hey, if it keeps coming down they might buy it even though they don't want it. . . I know I'd buy a PS3 if it were = $100. . .
      • arg LESS THAN or EQUAL to $100. . . stupid html tags...
      • by interiot ( 50685 )

        There's a 360 in the middle of Akihabara for the japanese to play. It's free, but usually nobody is playing it.

        There's a two-player drum-beating game down the street that gets more play than the 360.

    • Re: (Score:1, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward
      Sounds like Microsoft's been improving their business model lately. Ususally they're charging people more for things they don't want.
    • This seems like it may be too little too late. The 360 has not sold in Japan and they are now trying to see if the different version will sell. Even the short article agrees with this:

      Microsoft has historically struggled in Japan, and the Xbox 360 has not yet reversed the company's fortunes. Of the five million Xbox 360 consoles sold since the product launched last November, less than 200,000 have been sold in Japan, according to estimates from Enterbrain. Onlookers have wondered why Microsoft did not ta

      • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

        Xbox 360 Premium: Japanese price of ~$350US (US Price of $400)
        • Base Console unit with chrome trim on the DVD drive
        • Wireless Controller
        • Component Video hookups
        • Composite Video hookups
        • Japanese-D connector hookups (an HD connection similar to VGA used in Japan)
        • external power supply
        • 6ft ethernet cable
        • headset
        • 20GB HDD
        • 3 1month Xbox Live Gold Trials
        • as many Xbox Live Silver accounts as you want

        Xbox 360 CORE: speculated Japanese price of ~$250US (US Price of $300)

        • Base Console unit
        • USB Controller
        • Composite
        • oops I forgot to add "external power supply" to the CORE list, obviously it include the power adapter as well.

          I think it's important to note that asside from the usless chrome trim, there is absolutely no difference internally between the two versions. If you buy the CORE and decided to morrow that you should have purchased the premium, you can go to the store and buy all of the accessories that make up the differences between the two, and the console will look and function no different.
  • Cut your losses. They don't want it.
  • give it up! xbox360 is kawaikunai.
    • I don't know, the system is actually kind of shapely. The power supply, on the other hand...
  • Can anyone comment on the possibility that the Japanese simply don't want to buy a console from a non-Japanese company? I understand the level of nationalism over there is turned up to 11, but I could be wrong. Thoughts?
    • Yeah, they hate Microsoft and all things American. Believe me, all Japanese people are running Linux on their PC and browsing Slashdot 48 times a day.
    • If you can't sell your products you blame the customers for not buying it, now that sounds like a upside down world. What could be the problem is bad marketing and/or not enough interest in the console, if a country is already full of hightech stuff and everyone is into mobile phones and you bring in another gadget why would it stand out? Because it is made by a company who also makes windows? I don't think people work that way, if you ever going to sell your products you dont just try to sell them to every
    • Can anyone comment on the possibility that the Japanese simply don't want to buy a console from a non-Japanese company? I understand the level of nationalism over there is turned up to 11, but I could be wrong. Thoughts?

      I think the problem is that Microsoft doesn't make a console that many Japanese people want. They make this huge bulky thing, when Japanese like their tiny electronics for their tiny apartments, and they don't put nearly enough Japanese-style games on it and the Japanese do not like Americ

      • I don't think it's so much they hate the 360 because it's American, they just don't like it because it's made for Americans, and they're not Americans.

        I couldn't agree more. There are plenty of examples of American products that do well in Japan, the iPod is probably the most popular example. If they hated non-Japanese culture so much then they probably wouldn't go around wearing close with English text all over it. The problem is that most foreign companies simply don't understand the Japanese market well

        • Japanese youth are batshit crazy over American culture. New theory please.
          • Being crazy about a culture and having the same tastes as that culture are two completely different things. Last time I checked most American's aren't exactly crazy about American culture.

            Someone being crazy about American culture might wear clothes styles that are popular in America, they might use English words and phrases, watch American movies and listen to American music. That doesn't actually change their personal tastes. Just because they listen to music that was made in America doesn't mean they
            • I see it as being as simple as knowing that Wii and PS3 games will all be released in Japan first, while Xbox 360 games debut in the US. Also, the breadth of games for Wii and PS3 in Japan will be wider than the Xbox 360, since not all games make it out of Japan, and not all games make it out of the US. Japan will have more PS3 and Wii games than we will, and fewer Xbox 360 games.
          • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

            by Jaysyn ( 203771 )
            ...American culture

            I think that would be a great idea.

      • by Duds ( 100634 )
        I think the problem is that Microsoft doesn't make a console that many Japanese people want. They make this huge bulky thing, when Japanese like their tiny electronics for their tiny apartments.

        Then the PS3 is REALLY going to bomb.

        Unless they buy them to hollow out and use AS apartments.
      • by _xeno_ ( 155264 )
        They make this huge bulky thing, when Japanese like their tiny electronics for their tiny apartments

        It'll be interesting to see the Japanese response when the PS3 comes out (assuming it does) given that it's quite a bit larger than the XBox360. And thanks to its curved top, even less stackable than the XBox360.

    • They're happy to buy Mercedes and wear Levis. They go see more Hollywood movies than domestic ones.

      Japanese just don't really care for the sort of games on the XBox.
    • by SSCGWLB ( 956147 )
      I think its a bit more complicated then that. From what I understand (which is very little) there is a certain level of nationalism in Japan. There is going to be a certain segment of the population that don't like white westerners or their products. This is hardly unique to Japan, many people root for the home team.

      If I was in charge of XBox Japan, the areas I would work on are:
      1) Games. Lets face it, Japanese like and play different games then Americans (or Europeans). ./ had a interesting acticle
      • I agree with points 2 and 3 but not necessarly with 1. I think that was very true for the Xbox 1, and I think it was very true for the Xbox 360 at launch, but I don't think it's true today. There are a number of Japanese specific games that have already been released in Japan that haven't hit the US or Europe yet, some of them probably never will and it's probably why you haven't noticed them (because they're Japanese only).

        I think the biggest problem is, as you said, MS has a crappy name based on their
        • by SSCGWLB ( 956147 )
          Sweet, I hope they do better. I knew they were trying to improve up their Japanese game selection, just didn't realize they had made that much progress. Now they need to overcome their existing image. I agree the 360 is one well designed (and executed) console. XBLive is well very well done, the controller is the best I have ever held in my mits, the graphics and sound are surperb. Without a doubt the best console I have ever owned.
    • I'd be more inclined to think the physical size of the console itself is still a pretty major issue over there. Even though it is smaller than the original Xbox, it's still pretty big. I have a feeling it'll have to be reduced to about 50-75% of it's current size and sport a flat casing instead of the current curved one so other devices can be stacked with/on it.

      I imagine the PS3 could face similar issues if it gets released in that huge "george foreman grill" casing Sony's been showing us up to now.

      While i
      • I hear that explanation over and over again and I don't think anybody's refusing to buy a product because it's a few cubic inches larger than some "ideal" for that class of product. That smells of complete BS. I think it's more likely that Microsoft simply doesn't have enough Japanese game development studios signed up, and therefore there's not enough games that they find entertaining. They do have Team Ninja, which is a step in the right direction, but that's the only real step they've taken.
        • Sure, it's easy to think that way if you live in a country where living space isn't a commodity. But if your living space was only slightly larger than a closet, you might be a bit more conservative when it comes to buying large items, regardless of the "cool" factor.

          Hell, I live in the US, and my living area is roughly an 8x10 foot room. I've already had to line my walls with shelving to maximize the effeciency of the area I have to work with. (My total free floor space is just under 3 square feet.) When y
    • by JordanL ( 886154 )
      I previously commented on this subject here 7 21690 []

      Japan has no real bias against American technology firms, nor American companies in general. The American concept of "pop culture" dictates a lot of what is popular in Japan, and the Japanese have no hate for American driven culture in the public sense.

      Point and case: the iPod has been wildly successful in Japan, and is the number one selling MP3 player in Japan by a wide margin, despite the fact t

  • I dunno... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by RyoShin ( 610051 ) <> on Friday September 08, 2006 @11:02AM (#16066372) Homepage Journal
    Considering how technologically concious the Japanese seem to be, I doubt they'd be more willing to buy a dumbed-down version of a console that no one wants already. It will sell units because it's cheaper, but it won't be enough to give Microsoft a real boost in the market.

    And even with this core console's price, it could still cost too much. The Wii is set to release with the price tag of, at most, 25,000 yet ($225 or so, I believe), and those Japanese have been eating up the DS, so there's no reason the same won't happen for the Wii.
    • Considering that there are only going to be 100,000 PS3s for the Japanese launch, it does make sense for Microsoft to at least attempt to sell a few more Xbox 360 units in Japan. The only question I have is whether or not any games that appeal to the Japanese audience have been released for the console yet? If the answer to that question is yes, then I think that Microsoft has a decent shot at pushing a few consoles. Then again, perhaps the average video game consumer in Japan is as anti-Microsoft as the av
      • Yep, I would think that doubleing the sales of Xbox360 is achievable goal. Unfortunately for Microsoft that would mean increase of weekly sales (first week of September) from 1250 to 2500 units. Trailing behind of 229k DS, 27k PSP and 22k PS2. Sad reality is that Xbox 360 sells in thousands when everythink else sells in tens or hundreds of thousands. In other words PS3 selling 100k in Japan means that there are about same amount of PS3 units in the market as there are Xbox360. And that is just the situation
      • The only question I have is whether or not any games that appeal to the Japanese audience have been released for the console yet?
        I think Enchanted Arms and Dead or Alive 4, and maybe some obscure names, are it . Dead or Alive is pretty much the reason why either XBox has sold anything in Japan. It makes sense for Microsoft to do this, at least if they can't afford a price drop, but I don't think it will make that big of a difference.
    • Staggering. I'd hardly call the 360 a "dumbed-down version of a console that no one wants". It's selling just fine here in the US, and (at the moment) it's the best thing out there. It plays the most of the old xbox games and the newer games have some pretty good titles, too. Oh, and the "dumbed-down" interface and xbox live system is second to none. That I can start the thing, shut it down, check with other friends online, stream video/music from my server PC to any room in my house I've got it plugge
      • by RyoShin ( 610051 )
        I'm calling the core system a 'dumbed-down version' of the premium package, which is all they've been selling since releasing the 360 in Japan.

        It's selling just fine here in the US, and (at the moment) it's the best thing out there.

        What holds true for one nation does not hold true for another. I don't know if you've seen the sales numbers, but the 360 is doing about as hot as the regular XBox did in Japan, which wasn't good to begin with. The 360 sold only half as much in the first two days as the original []

        • Ok, I agree with aboslutely everything you said in this last post. You can't argue with numbers ;)
          BUT...None of that is contrary to my last post.
          I'm asserting this is NOT because the 360 isn't a fine product -- even "dumbed-down" -- but rather because of Japansese bias against MS and American electronics in general.
          MS had to release the 360 in Japan -- it's the gaming center of the universe. It saddens me it's not more of a success there (and probaby won't be), since I think success there would translate
          • It's got the same features. It's big advantage is that it plays the whole PS2 library (hopefully) and that it's a Sony. Oh, and it's way more expensive than a 360. Does this make sense any other way than to say their exists a Japanses bias vs MS?

            To be fair, in your entire post you failed to mention the 360 is the followup to a system that (for various reasons) did absolutely TERRIBLY in Japan. If a 3D0-360 or Atari JaguarStation2 was released in the US, most american gamers wouldn't go anywhere NEAR them

            • Interesting point -- about the failure of the original xbox in Japan causing lackluster sales of the current 360. I'd certainly agree that the original xbox didn't have a large selection of RPG that may have led to smaller sales in Japan -- but poor original design? The gamecube had better titles? You're losing me here. The original xbox design -- love or hate the case -- was superior in many ways to the ps2 (and gamecube). Take Live for instance -- the first successful console online component. The c
  • by The MAZZTer ( 911996 ) <<megazzt> <at> <>> on Friday September 08, 2006 @11:12AM (#16066443) Homepage
    Crazy awesome! []
    He's got a gun! []
  • N3? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Sinnix ( 898301 ) on Friday September 08, 2006 @11:19AM (#16066482) Homepage
    Ninty Nine Nights? That game was garbage. They're not going to convince Japan to cross over with that. If you're going to make a package, at least put games they'll actually care about in there!
  • by ConfusedSelfHating ( 1000521 ) on Friday September 08, 2006 @12:10PM (#16066919)
    Microsoft should make a deal ($$$$$) with Sega and call it a Sega Xbox 360 in Japan. Have a few cosmetic changes and have some Japanese engineers oversee the production of consoles sent to Japan. Japanese gamers may feel that it is Japanese enough to purchase. It is a very large console (until the 65 nm manufacturing sets in), but it is still smaller than the PS3!

    Microsoft will have to approach Japanese developers who are creating PS3 exclusive games, but who are not under exclusive contract to Sony. With the fear of a inexpensive Wii and an overly expensive PS3, Microsoft offers them 1.5 x amount of money where x is the cost of porting the PS3 game over to the XBox 360. The developer makes more than their money back on porting it to the Xbox 360 and Microsoft can build it's Japanese game library. Even if this was wildly successful I don't see Microsoft building more than 20% of the Japanese game console market.

    Has anyone else seen the ign footage of the Wii in action. It looks kind of interesting, but apparent from Red Steel, all of the games had a kiddie look to them. That WILL hurt the Wii among some gamers.
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Guppy06 ( 410832 )
      "Japanese gamers may feel that it is Japanese enough to purchase."

      Are these the same ones that feel the Apple iPod is "Japanese" enough to purchase?

      You yourself are perpetuating a stereotype that Japanese stereotype US electronics. Just accept the fact that it's the Xbox and Xbox 360 specifically they don't like and deal with it.
    • What you describe is the thing that Microsoft should not do. If the Japanese don't like American products, screw them. The world is not Japanese, as they are not American.

      Microsoft should concentrate on bringing some top games to the console so the rest of the world buys it.
  • Buy up or partner with some companies making the kind of games that japanese gamers love to play (preferably those making popular franchises rather than just games in popular styles) and offer them briefcases full of money to make their games exclusive to the XBOX 360.
  • This is a smart move by Microsoft, they know they suffer in the Japanese market place due to brand affiliation and they I bet they are having a whale of a time hearing about Sony's problems (Europe PS3 delay to March 2007) and now that can capitalise in Sony's home market. I definitely think that the PS3 will have a hard time competiting with the 360 due to factors such as the time advantage MS have, the cost of the 360 dropping over that time while the PS3 being priced out of it's own major markets, the on

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