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Next-Gen Online Services Get More Goods 51

Now that all three consoles are competing in the online market, regular news about the three systems is beginning to be regularly released, as Virtual Console tries to top Xbox Live which in turn tries to overshadow e-Distribution. Sony's online offering is still being finalized now that the console is on the market, and limits on the system are still being decided upon. 500 MB is apparently going to be the cap for downloadable content via the service (much larger than Live's 50 MB limit). The company has also confirmed they'll be offering new version of retro games, to compete directly with Microsoft's service. Speaking of which, Double Dragon will be joining the other classic games on Xbox Live sometime in the future. This week's update was a patch for Texas Hold Em' , while the week before saw the much-anticipated (and well reviewed) Small Arms released to fans. Related to Microsoft's service, the much rumoured Xbox Live Arcade joystick was formally announced by MadCatz this week. Not to be left out, Nintendo's Virtual Console grew by three titles this week; gamers can now download Super Star Soldier, Golden Axe, and Genesis classic Ecco the Dolphin. Like Microsoft, Nintendo has plans to release new content every week for the forseeable future.
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Next-Gen Online Services Get More Goods

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  • Fuck that. (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Spazntwich ( 208070 ) on Wednesday November 29, 2006 @04:44PM (#17039390)
    First thing Microsoft needs to do is include the wireless adapter with premium systems.

    No, believe it or not Microsoft, my router is not within 20 feet of my gaming console, and I don't feel like dropping $100 on your official wireless addon which places your console in striking distance of Sony, and way ahead of the Wii.
    • by Thraxen ( 455388 )
      Then don't. My router is upstairs and I ran a network cable through the wall down to the entertainment center. Not an option for everyone, but is the best option IMO if you are fairly handy with household projects or know someone who is. Or you could spend like $40 on a wireless access point. No reason why you have have to buy the official adapter.
    • I just ran a cable. Considering that you probably want good latency for online gaming, as well as high speed for downloads and streaming media from your PC, I'd be using wired even if it were wireless. Not everyone is going to use the wireless, which is why its an optional accessory. Cheaper, 3rd party wireless options work just fine from what I understand.
      • yeah I also ran a cable... one thing that bothers me about the Wii is that it's WIRELESS ONLY and you have to buy a USB adapter if you want a wired connection... which seems rather messed up to me.

        and while I do agree that the official USB WiFi adapter MS sells is a rip-off, nothings stopping you from using a cheap wireless bridge if you're unable to wire a solid connection to your router.
      • XBox Live was designed and tested to work with wireless.
        I use a wireless connection ($40 WAP turned into a bridge using DD-WRT) and have never had any latency issues. I play online multiplayer with voice chat, download large demos, and regularly watch streaming movies from my PC.
      • I just ran a cable.

        Can you give a range of how much it might cost to get the landlord to allow this for typical rented residences in various regions of the United States?

    • Just buy a $30 wireless bridge and plug it into the ethernet port.
      I've got a wireless bridge feeding my xbox, tivo and 360 - it works like a champ.
      And when I upgrade to 802.11n or powerline, or god-knows-what-else - everything shares the benefit.

      the official add-on is definitely a shameless cash-grab, but it ain't required. and thankfully it's not built-in cost.
      I have no idea why anyone would want a device-specific wireless adapter at this stage of the game.
  • Wii + DS = ? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by ShadowsHawk ( 916454 ) on Wednesday November 29, 2006 @04:54PM (#17039530)
    I'm still waiting to see what Nintendo does with the DS connectivity. Also, why aren't we getting more demo download offers? That's one area where the PC is still beating the snot out of any console/handheld.
  • Golden Axe makes me all warm inside. I can't wait for the sequels to become availible. Even more importantly, Toejam and Earl is listed on the official Virtual Console website but hasn't been released yet! Give me my precious childhood memories! I demand nostalgia!

    Of course, people still look at me funny when I tell them I can play Genesis games on my Wii.
    • I hooked up my Wii in my dormitory's lounge last night to play some Super Smash Brothers Melee (we have no cube to call our own, have been borrowing one before several of us got Wiis). When I booted it up, one of the guys saw that I had Sonic, and he was terribly surprised. It was neat. And everyone looks at me funny when I tell them that I'm not playing the NES Bomberman, but the Turbografx Bomberman. No one even knows what it is =P
  • There is no limit to the size of downloadable content on XBox Live - at least none that I have seen. I've downloaded some game demos that were well over 1GB.

    The 50MB limit that is mentioned only applies to Live Arcade - the section with retro and "party" games.

    I'm not sure how that compares to Sony's 500MB limit - does Sony's limit apply to ALL downloadable content?
    • by cgenman ( 325138 )
      Live Arcade doesn't just limit "retro and party" games to 50MB... Live Arcade is the game download service for Xbox 360, which is why they're all retro and party games. This has the effect of allowing anyone with a memory card to download and play games... which is kind of dumb, considering it would take a full 50 dollar memory card to store one 10 dollar downloadable game.

      Sony is allowing things beyond "retro and party" games by allowing for larger download sizes. This will probably make games more expen
      • MS needs to up the XBLA limit to 650MB (CD size) or 1 GB. That way the PC games that fit on a CD can be put on the market. Limiting the DL size to 50MB will hamstring the amount of content. They're handing a bunch of games that can be easily ported to Sony.

        And I want the original UT on there damn it!

      • Correct, Live Arcade is the download service for complete games. I said there was no limit on "downloadable content" -- the term used by the parent post. Personally, I download and play game demos more than I play XBLA games. That is the best feature of the XBox360 - the ability to get hands on experience with new release games without having to buy it or rent it.
        I agree that the limit for both will be increased as soon as it becomes prohibitive.
  • I can't believe that there aren't some hidden costs to Sony's online service. SOMEONE has to be paying for the infrastructure -- be it Sony or the software companies. In the end though, the consumer will be paying in one form or another -- either by increases in software costs or through other means. Nothing is free and Sony is in certainly no position to be giving any services away when they are already bleeding all over the place from console costs.

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