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Wii + Warp Pipe = Tabbed Browsing 46

An anonymous reader writes "The folks at Warp Pipe have developed a simple yet useful tabbed browsing interface for the Wii with bookmark integration which makes browsing on the Wii more efficient until the fully realized Opera build hits later next year. The web application does not require registration, this video overviews the interface and feature set in this early release."
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Wii + Warp Pipe = Tabbed Browsing

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  • by LoverOfJoy ( 820058 ) on Tuesday December 26, 2006 @08:21PM (#17372028) Homepage
    Exactly! I'm all for adding additional features if it doesn't slow down the games or increase the price. If the weather feature ran in the background and popped up in the middle of games to give me updates I'd be screaming bloody murder...whether it happened on a nintendo product or a sony product. If they had to raise the price another $100 to add in news feed functionality I'd be just as annoyed.

    Adding a browser to the wii doesn't seem to have much of a cost as far as I can see. It probably cut into Nintendo's profit much more than it added to the final price of the wii. They'd sell it for $249 with or without a browser. The deal they made with Opera just bought them goodwill not a real justification for a higher price.

    But the PS3 probably could have cost a lot less without the blu ray. Personally, I'm fine with them including it. Let them be the high end system that I'll buy cheap years down the road...but I can understand why others might be annoyed or complain about it.

    The PSP is another matter. It seems that the addition of movie capabilities actually hurt the GAMES and not just the price. I don't own one but I've heard that the UMDs seriously create a load time problem for games. It's hard for me to see how any serious gamer would think that the additional functionality is worth it.

I've noticed several design suggestions in your code.