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Tose - Gaming's Little Secret 12

1up has a piece up looking at the fine folks at Tose, the secret development ninjas behind a number of popular games. This group takes contracts from other developers, and purposefully keeps its name off of the final product. They're the developers of many high profile games, and very few gamers have ever heard of them. If they do sound familiar, it may be because we had a discussion about these folks back in May of last year. 1up's article covers some of the same ground as Gamasutra's, dealing with Tose's unique relationship with developers and their unusually secretive nature. They do, however, dig up the names of some of the shops Tose has worked with, including outfits like Nintendo, Capcom, Namco, Sony, Square Enix, Electronic Arts and THQ. They also point out a few games they know to be Tose's handiwork; the GBA ports of the Final Fantasy titles, Super Princess Peach, and Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel all bear the company's mark. The veil is cracking, then, but for the most part this group stands as a unique company in the games industry: a development house with little interest in press attention.
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Tose - Gaming's Little Secret

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  • by zooblethorpe ( 686757 ) on Wednesday January 31, 2007 @02:32AM (#17824742)

    Not meaning to be too unbearably pedantic here, but it's pronounced "toe - say". Apparently the company was spun off from Toa Seiko in November of 1979, with its name most likely just a portmanteau [] of Toa Seiko --> To + Se. So it seems they've been around a goodly while. (For those able to read Japanese, a quick-and-dirty company history can be found here [] on the company's site.)


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