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Alan Wake Reconfirmed As PC/360 Exclusive 47

Alan Wake (the game with the really great tornado from last year's E3) has been reconfirmed as an exclusive title for Microsoft platforms. Via Wired's Game|Life blog, the news comes from the awesomely named Helsingin Sanomat website. Remedy (makers of the Max Payne titles) had this game slated as a 360/PC exclusive back in their E3 2006 trailers, but news of Microsoft's new 'mentoring' role for the company appears to have renewed interest in the game. It's unclear why Microsoft isn't following their general pattern of purchasing the company outright, but the 30-employee strong company is staying independent. Microsoft's resources still back the company, though: "Microsoft has huge machinery for games production. If a team of 80 voice actors are needed from the States, they can provide it. Their test laboratory is also fantastic."
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Alan Wake Reconfirmed As PC/360 Exclusive

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  • by Andreaskem ( 999089 ) on Wednesday February 07, 2007 @08:39AM (#17919330)
    I think this is because it uses DirectX10 for its graphics engine. Since DX10 will only be available for Vista, it will naturally require Vista to run.

    Every serious gamer will have to switch to Vista sooner or later. At least for gamers, it might not be a bad move after all (new driver model, better support for multicore CPUs and memory > 4GB, ...)

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