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Serious, Indie, Mobile Games Highlight GDC Monday 10

The first day of GDC is generally devoted to games just a bit off the beaten path. In recent years, serious games have vied with titles from the mobile and indie markets on the first two days of the Game Developer's Conference. Probably the most interesting serious discussion from Monday was word from Square/Enix's new serious games arm. Sessions like innovations in Indie games and how to get your Indie game published rounded out the independent games discussions for the day. The pirates at Three Rings also put on a good show, talking about how to make an indie MMOG. Meanwhile, on the mobile front, EA veteran Trip Hawkins talked about innovations on the smallest screen, while Nokia rolled out some new details on their next generation of N-Gage .
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Serious, Indie, Mobile Games Highlight GDC Monday

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  • Indie MMO (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Aladrin ( 926209 ) on Tuesday March 06, 2007 @11:56AM (#18250222)
    The most interesting information in here is in an odd place. The 'Indie MMO' discussion. It actually has more to do with general indie games than MMOs in particularly. Paraphrased, they say 'Worry about quality, not being the biggest.' They talk about Puzzle Pirates (Which I never considered an MMO, but I guess it really is) and how they started with 6 guys willing to work themselves into an early grave trying to make the game take off. It STILL cost them $250,000 to make. Ouch! They make the money now to more than justify the initial expense, but I'm amazed at how much it costs to get off the ground.

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