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The Man Behind GDC's Curtain 5

Newsweek's N'Gai Croal continues to offer excellent coverage, running an interview with Jamil Moledina, the Executive Director of GDC. N'Gai and Jamil discuss Apple and the iPhone, and they do a very smooth job of hooking that into games and the current state of the industry. They also discuss Sony's current next-gen positioning, what makes a good keynote, and the gaming event world post-E3. "The interesting thing is that E3 and E For All have split apart. For a long time, a number of people in in the industry, myself included, were advocating a combined event, like Tokyo Game Show, that would have a day of business meetings, then open it up to consumers. Because then all of the key players have an incentive to be there. They need to conduct business. And then it is open to the general public to see what it is that we've all got going on. By splitting them into two separate events, I wonder how that dynamic is going to play out; if the same exhibitors that were at E3 would also want to go to a consumer-only event? I'd love to see how that works out. It's a bold experiment. We'll see how it goes."
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The Man Behind GDC's Curtain

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