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Wii, DS Dominate February Hardware Sales 149

Gamasutra has the NPD numbers for last month, which shows a continuation of Nintendo's sales dominance. Overall the new consoles have again meant that industry sales were up, some 28% over last year's same-month figures. Hardware sales were up some 98%, with much of that performance attributable to the DS and Wii. Here's the breakdown: "Turning to hardware, the DS headed overall hardware sell-through with an impressive 485,000 units, followed by Nintendo's Wii, which sold 335,000 units despite continued issues with shortages. The Xbox 360 sold through a reasonable, if not spectacular 228,000 copies, and the PlayStation 3 slumped to a disappointing 127,000 units, despite no apparent shortages. Elsewhere, the PlayStation 2 moved a still impressive 295,000 at its relatively cheap current price, and the PlayStation Portable sold 176,000, markedly behind the DS. Finally, the various varieties of the Game Boy Advance sold a not unreasonable 136,000 units."
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Wii, DS Dominate February Hardware Sales

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  • Re:Ratios (Score:3, Informative)

    by AvitarX ( 172628 ) <me AT brandywinehundred DOT org> on Friday March 16, 2007 @12:13PM (#18376225) Journal
    DC vs 360 []
    DC cs PS3 []

    Looks bad for Sony.
  • by HappySqurriel ( 1010623 ) on Friday March 16, 2007 @01:14PM (#18377233)

    In the end they will drop the PS3 price to something sort of reasonable and sell plenty of them. They can make it through the first year or so by reputation alone pushing game developers to create for the platform.

    It doesn't work that way though ...

    Consider Sega, they have released Virtual Fighter 5 for the PS3 which has recieved respectable reviews (88% on and its sales are awful on the PS3; from the looks of the American and Japaneese sales, it will sell (approximately) 15% as many copies as Virtual Fighter 4 did on the PS2. This is not a unique situation ...

    EA, Activision, Sega and Namco have all released good quality games for the PS3 that have sold well below their expectations and will likely reduce (or drop) support for the platform if this continues ... Without the support of the major third party developers a plaform dies a very fast death.
  • by SethraLavode ( 910814 ) on Friday March 16, 2007 @04:09PM (#18379707)

    You might want to re-check your facts, as the document you linked to shows the opposite of what you are claiming. Sony's gaming divisions were the least profitable (of the sectors where they were profitable). The general electronics divisions obviously took a huge hit, but even if you take their banking and insurance products out of the equation, Sony Pictures and Sony Music have a higher income and higher margin. The gaming divisions had higher sales, true, but revenue is not the same as profit.

  • by Svenheim ( 723925 ) on Sunday March 18, 2007 @12:39PM (#18394727)
    The Virtual Console in Europe is a disaster. All the games except the Turbografx games run in 50 Hz mode, and almost all of them are UNOPTIMIZED pal, which means 17% slower gameplay, and a picture that is squeezed, so the proportions are wrong, and there are black borders above and below the picture.

    All new Wii games run perfectly in 60 Hz on the PAL console, but for some reason Nintendo are fucking retards when it comes to their Virtual Console, so the PAL games have exactly the same flaws they had _20 YEARS AGO_. The worst part is, the NES/n64 games that were released on Gamecube (Zelda bonus disc with Zelda 1,2, Ocarina of time and majora's mask comes to mind) ran perfectly in 60 Hz, and it was the localized European language versions.

    There has been hardly any press about this, but I am not buying a single virtual console game unless this is address. I've emailed Nintendo several times, but they dont even care enough to respond (well, actually, Nintendo of America responded within 24 hours, telling me to just keep bugging Nintendo Europe).

    Nintendo likes to fuck European customers in the ass, theyve been doing so for 20 years. I am as big a fan as there can be of the Nintendo games and consoles, but I just cant accept that they treat their customers like this. Fuck them.

    If you dont know the difference between PAL 50 and 60 Hz, take a look at this video clip of Sonic the Hedgehog: []

    This is what we have to endure.

    I simply cannot understand why they cant do this right, emulators have been doing it right for 10 years. I just want the same game experience as american and japanese customers, but that's obviously too much to expect, we are supposed to have inferior versions.

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