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Role Playing (Games)

Operation Dice Drop for Zigggurat Con in Iraq 45

LandGator wrote with some information about the upcoming Ziggurat Con. Their catch phrase: "Where RPG isn't just a Rocket Propelled Grenade." This very special tabletop gaming event will be held on June 9th of this year ... at Camp Adder /Talil Airbase in Iraq. For nine hours on that day, gamers currently deployed to Iraq will be able to forget about the conflict by rolling dice and playing games. The con organizers are looking for willing folks to donate games and dice to the soldiers, as well as a little recognition for the d20-rolleres in harms way this year. "The Con's historical landmark 'mascot' -- the Ziggurat -- can be found on the post, and hails from the ancient city of Ur. Nearby is the house where it is believed that Abraham (a large figure in the Bible, the Koran and the Torah) was born. Cool digs for a Con -- if not for the fact that there's a war going on. [Convention organizer David] Amberson, however, emphasized the need for soldiers to relax and kick back with enjoyable activities from time to time."
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Operation Dice Drop for Zigggurat Con in Iraq

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  • by spezz ( 150943 ) on Saturday April 21, 2007 @11:52PM (#18829065)
    No, poor taste would be insisting that you be allowed to use "improvised magical devices"
  • by Jame_Retief ( 1090281 ) on Sunday April 22, 2007 @12:52AM (#18829491)
    You are apparently blathering on, lost in your hatred. Even I, who have a deep and real fear of Hitlery getting elected, recognize that Bill Clinton had things he did well. The fact that you cannot see past your own prejudices and find that the soldiers ARE defending our way-of-life simply shows how narrow-minded you really are. What lies are being covered up? The ones that Pres. Clinton told when HE said that Iraq had WMD? Or when all the other members of that administration said the same thing? STOP DRINKING THE KOOL-AID and THINK FOR YOURSELF!!! If we were not busy draining the blood out of terrorism in Iraq we would be doing it here . . . which strikes me as being VERY BAD for our kids. Paricularly my own. It is great that the soldiers are looking to play games and relax. Besides which, maybe the organizer is using the time-tested approach of misleading the enemy and not telling the truth about when & where.
  • by Teddy Beartuzzi ( 727169 ) on Sunday April 22, 2007 @01:48AM (#18829813) Journal
    No kidding. I thought Ziggurat Con was some new kind of Pyramid Scheme.

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