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CleverNickName (129189) To Keynote PAX 29

Joystiq mentioned earlier this week that two-time Slashdot interview subject Wil Wheaton, world-famous blogger and writer, is scheduled to keynote this year's Penny Arcade Expo. Other headlining elements of this year's geekstravaganza include a Tokyo Games Show trip for the Omegathon winner, and another year of the 'face-melting' Minibosses as the big musical act of the event. From Gabe's Post: "We'll actually be taking a lot of steps this year to make the Omegathon a more important and interactive part of the show experience. I can't say much more about those ideas right now but I can tell you what this year's Omegathon prize will be. I think each year we've been able to out do the previous year's prize and this year is no exception. The winner of the 2007 Omegathon will receive a trip for two to the Tokyo Game Show along with $5,000 in spending money. We'll be taking care of everything for you from airfare to hotel and giving you some cash to spread around once you get there."
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CleverNickName (129189) To Keynote PAX

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  • i'm not really much of a gamer by most standards - but this event gets bigger and better every year. i'd love to go if i could.
    • []
      here's wil geeking out about being the headnoter,and getting a swag wii out of it.

      so i'm going to be the keynote speaker at PAX . . .

      Back in February, I recounted the first time I met Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade at Comicon:

      I have always enjoyed Penny Arcade, because -- like pVp and Dork Tower -- it has characters I can care about and relate to while I'm laughing at myself, or them, or (usually) both.

      I talked to Gabe
  • In addition... (Score:3, Informative)

    by E-Sabbath ( 42104 ) on Saturday May 05, 2007 @07:05PM (#19006249)
    He's going to be appearing in [] PS238 as well, as a Hollywood superhero. Issue 23. Which amuses me horribly, in a Discordian way.

    How's it feel to be a superhero, Wil?
  • The Minibosses are O.K., but they sound a bit too much like studio musicians. No soul, no zest in the songs. Give me The Advantage [] any day. They add more pizazz to the NES songs, rather than go through them relatively straight forward. Check out their second CD "Elf-Titled", it's a fun listen.
    • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

      by elysiuan ( 762931 )

      I liked the Minibosses alot more 5-6 years ago, I just don't think they've updated their sound very much. One band I am really excited about being at PAX is The Oneups []. They are probably not to everyone's taste (their sound is a bit loungy except for certain songs) but they really rock.

      I live in Olympia, already bought my PAX tickets. Going to be doing the 1-2 hour drive there and back for three days this August. Seems silly to pay for a hotel room being so close ;)

  • OK who all here knew right off the bat just from the article name that CleverNickname was Wil Wheaton (I have my prefs set so gaming articles are oneliners)

    Maybe I should get out more...
    • He used to be a regular back in the day. I haven't seen him post lately. Nor have I seen Carmack around here for a while. They probably have better things to do nowdays.
    • I think you just failed Nerd 101. Better luck next semester.

      Hint for the next time around: the answer to the big question rhymes with "cleric paymond". And for the tiebreaker, the answer is, "vi" (but you knew that already, I know :)

      • I was pointing out folks that I have personally seen comment as I was browsing articles. I've seen ESR comment here maybe once or twice...
    • Most of us who have been around for a while (high UIDs due to constantly forgetting log-ins notwithstanding) know him. He responded quite pleasantly to a couple of inquiries I had concerning his writing (i.e. Just a Geek). As other posters have noted, however, I haven't seen him around lately.

      I rather suspect that we have quite a few "big names" lurking on Slashdot who, for various reasons, choose not to reveal themselves. I can definitely understand it, but it'd be fantastic to have a forum where gam
      • "I can definitely understand it, but it'd be fantastic to have a forum where game devs for major companies can speak their minds without screaming hordes of fanbois/haters clogging the place."

        I suspect that a forum full of everyone's favourite developers would attract the screaming hordes of fanbois/haters.

        And they couldn't speak their mind because as soon they do, Joystiq would cross-post it and add a snarky comment.
      • I'd love to hear some straight talk from the game industry big names in a forum where the morons can be modded into oblivion.
        Great idea! It would be so much fun to bash on the trolls with my daedric weapons.
    • Wait, there's a setting for that? I HATE that my game articles are oneliners. I haven't been to that settings page since the day I started here.

      Thanks for the tip, flydpnkrtn.
    • by lmnfrs ( 829146 )

      I found his second /. interview last week, which was a good read.. So as soon as I saw the article name.. yeah, I said "Damn, shoulda bought my pass already."

      Somebody in this thread wondered who else might lurk here. I'm sure there are many who use aliases, many more than the ones who are known. Slashdotters are a special breed.. There are many sites with interesting articles and smart, nerdy communities but none of them have the inherently nerdy style of Slashdot (I'm serious, I really think /. speaks to

  • by Non-CleverNickName ( 1027234 ) on Saturday May 05, 2007 @11:52PM (#19007825)
    I guess I wasn't as clever as I thought I'd be when I made my screenname... :( Good thing that guy doesn't own the rights to it... ....right?
  • by stupidnickname ( 513210 ) on Sunday May 06, 2007 @08:02AM (#19009637)
    Oh, how I wish I were clever . . .
    • by JFMulder ( 59706 )
      What's makes this even funnier is that since your slashdot ID is in the 6 digits, it means you didn't register the name just to make an obvious joke. :)
  • It's always nice to see a fellow Slashdotter move on to find success. And to think, we all knew him when he was just... oh, wait, he was already famous? Never mind.

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