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Role Playing (Games)

WoW, Habbo Leaders to Keynote GDC Austin 32

Gamasutra reports that this year's GDC Austin (formerly the Austin Games Conference) will feature a pair of distinguished and very different speakers. "World of Warcraft father Michael Morhaime and creative leader behind Habbo Hotel Sulka Haro will each present a keynote lecture for the Online Games Track at the 2007 Austin Game Developers Conference. The two online entertainment innovators will draw on their experiences revolutionizing the way people interact in virtual worlds to motivate the online game development community to break boundaries and strive to create better games." The online-focused event is slated for early September this year, and the inclusion of a gent from Habbo indicates that titles other than just the AAAs are likely to be under scrutiny.
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WoW, Habbo Leaders to Keynote GDC Austin

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