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E3 PlayStation (Games)

E3 Previews - Drake's Fortune and Heavenly Sword 14

Sony has its own lineup of powerhouse first-party titles coming to the PlayStation 3 this fall, with the likes of Heavenly Sword probably one of the most-talked about titles since the console's launch last year. Gamespot had a chance to try their hand at the game, and found it challenging and absolutely beautiful. Drake's Fortune is yet another original IP, and seems to be aiming for a fusion of Indiana Jones, Prince of Persia, and Gears of War . From what Kotaku has to say about it, sounds like they've nailed it: "In addition to allusions to Gears' brand of "pop and stop" shooting, Uncharted features plenty of platforming. Rock climbing, jumping, rope swinging--much of it controls very well. Occasionally, some ledge traversing feels off or unpolished, but its more likely a product of the game's more organic level design. You won't see block by block levels a la Tomb Raider. In fact, some levels are so realistic in their design, you might find yourself looking for your next destination with the game's look button (R2). I found myself missing some of the game's hints, such as gates or more heavily lit portions of the map and relying on the helpful look button."
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E3 Previews - Drake's Fortune and Heavenly Sword

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  • by cxreg ( 44671 )
    I had almost no interest in this game until I saw gameplay footage. The character animation alone is worth playing this game, and is probably the best ever seen in a video game. Nice surprise.
    • It looks pretty good, doesn't it? A few more games like that, throw in a few exclusive RPGs, mix in a price drop, and Sony may just sucker me into getting a PS3. Maybe...

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