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Game Tunnel's Final Independent Game Review Panel 11

cyrus_zuo writes "As of last month Game Tunnel's Indie game review panel is no more. The July panel will be the final piece reviewing what's new in Independent games. The monthly review panel has run just over 3 years with the July panel marking the 37th panel. Having reviewed 468 games over its life, the panel has had a variety of writers giving a plethora of opinions about what has been great and what hasn't been so great in the world of Indie games. The final panel features Derek Yu from TIGSource (and IGF winner Aquaria fame), Greg Costikyan from Manifesto Games, John Bardinelli from Joystiq, and Caspian Prince from Puppygames."
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Game Tunnel's Final Independent Game Review Panel

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  • Indygamer blog (Score:4, Informative)

    by islisis ( 589694 ) on Tuesday August 07, 2007 @09:39PM (#20150983) Homepage
    I would recommend this blog for very comprehensive coverage of the independent scene globally, they seem to have been in to it for a decently long time too []
    • Thanks for the link. I find it very sad that this feature is disappearing from Game Tunnel. Indy gaming is one of the best places to find new ideas and innovations in computer games. So many of the big games these days, while very polished with high production values, are still just sequels and licensed material: safe bets in a market of ever-increasing development costs. Computer games are admittedly a little better than console games these days in terms of innovation, but I think a lot of that is beca
  • Wow. A front page story, up for over 12 hours and the comments, including this one, are still in single digits.
    No one cared when they were around, and no one cared when they left.
  • May Derek bring a voice of reason to gametunnel's mysterious high scoring of everything. Plus, you know he's representing TIGSource, so I'm biased.

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