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More Panzer Dragoon Than You Could Ever Want 31

Via GameSetWatch, links to the 1up site for a giant feature on the complete history of the Panzer Dragoon series. From the GSW post: "As Mielke explains: 'The reason for this unique cover story is to take a look back at this underappreciated, underbought, near-legendary series that climaxed with the release of 1998's Panzer Dragoon Saga, a game that is unlikely to ever see a port to any system, ever. Taking the DNA of Sega stablemate Space Harrier and welding it to an Empire Strikes Back-style plot, developer Team Andromeda created an epic, picturesque showdown between good and evil that would send lasting shockwaves through the fledgling 32-bit era.'"
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More Panzer Dragoon Than You Could Ever Want

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  • by Cerberus911 ( 834576 ) on Tuesday September 18, 2007 @02:46PM (#20657221)
    From the number of replies it looks to be more than anyone wants.
  • Its not more than I could ever want unless its an affordable way for me to play panzar dragoon saga!
  • ugh YESS (Score:3, Informative)

    by deathtopaulw ( 1032050 ) on Tuesday September 18, 2007 @03:28PM (#20658013) Homepage
    I just recently got to play through 1,2, and Saga and I must say

    Saga is the first RPG I've ever played that I actually liked. The only game since it that got the hybrid RPG/real time fighting engine right was KOTOR. I urge anyone with a saturn and $200 to play it, hahaha

    or just anyone with some time to research saturn piracy and 4 spare CDRs
  • I'm from Poland, you insensitive clod!!!!
    • We are not insensitive, we are pissed off that you get all that cheap Polish sausage to eat, and all them hot Polish women! Take that you insensitive clod!
    • by Nimey ( 114278 )
      You're just pissed that Panzer Dragoon > Horse Dragoon.

      (yeah, I know that's a myth)
      • by HBI ( 604924 )
        It's not entirely a myth. Guderian mentioned it in his book, "Panzer Leader", if I remember correctly. His armor was halted by lack of fuel, and was thrown back by some Lancers attacking. Also, the true encounter in question did happen, it just wasn't "Lancers charging tanks". It was more like "Lancers fleeing armored cars and got gunned down and misinterpreted as charging". For all we know, the charging did happen during the attack on Guderian. It's an oversimplification if anything, the statement th
  • One of the best games I ever played. That along with Dragon Force and a bunch of other crazy, random and unique RPGs really made the Saturn a great console and I wish those games would pop up on the Wii VC.
  • by macshome ( 818789 ) on Tuesday September 18, 2007 @03:54PM (#20658549) Homepage
    Without a doubt, in my mind at least, the four Panzer Dragoon games represent some of the finest gaming ever. I remember playing Panzer Dragoon Zwei for the first time and just being struck by the cinemas and the story that they managed to weave. Zwei is a good example of a game that shows a great amount of artistry for people that don't think games can qualify as art.

    At least part of my affection for Rez comes from the fact that it's much like Panzer Dragoon stuffed into a crack pipe.
  • Foul editors who tease me with thoughts of a complete Panzer Dragoon compilation! Begone. Shoo! I would have also settled for a redone Panzer Dragoon - still the single best game in the entire PD series, in my opinion.
  • Panzer Dragoon Orta (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Blakey Rat ( 99501 )
    Admittedly, I haven't played any of the games in this series except the Xbox version, Panzer Dragoon Orta. Despite being too short, it's a great, great, tremendously good game. Best graphics of any Xbox launch title, ingenious, easy-to-learn gameplay, interesting sci-fi setting. I admit it, I cried at the end. Plus it starred the craziest insect-dragon-bone-thing ever: []
    • I have the first one, Zwei, and Orta.

      I've always heard that Saga was the best, but I can certainly say that Orta should have been called Panzer Dragoon Sorta.

      It's an okay game, really, but Zwei is certainly better for a lot of reasons (not counting graphics, of course) and if Saga is as good as they say it is, Orta doesn't even compare.
  • Panzer Dragoon forever is right. Being an old skool gamer, I was a huge fan of the Sega Saturn, and the Panzer Dragoon series was a big reason why. A big thanks to 1up for giving the game the props it so richly deserves. It really was a special game, and a unique gaming experience, and it's sad that so many gamers of the day were too blind to see how cool it was.
  • Panzer Dragoon Saga really got the short end of the stick, being released past death of an already poorly received console (Sega Saturn). I had a Saturn and wanted the game, but I simply never saw it for sale in the United States. I've tried to find it online, and the few copies that are up for sale are $150 or higher.

    This would be a perfect game to release on the Wii console, or to port to a new console and re-release. PLEASE SEGA GIVE US PANZER DRAGOON SAGA!
  • Lair? How many "ride on a dragon and hilarity ensues" games were ever released?

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