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Sony PlayStation (Games)

Sony Still Not Happy With 'Home' 92

1up is reporting on comments made by Sony's Kaz Hirai to the Japanese magazine Famitsu. Hirai states that he personally is still not completely satisfied with the way Sony's ambitious Home project is shaping up. He also talks about the loss of the Monster Hunter franchise to the Wii, the lack of backwards compatibility in the newest version of the PS3, and other weighty holiday issues. "If anything, we believe the delay would have a positive effect. I personally am not satisfied with the current version of Home. This is a very big project for the PS3 and we want to make sure that we deliver to our hearts content. We hope everyone will look forward to its spring release next year."
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Sony Still Not Happy With 'Home'

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  • by Devir ( 671031 ) on Thursday November 08, 2007 @04:59PM (#21286153) Homepage
    I dont know what Sony "Home" is. I'm looking forward to more "remote play" capable games for the PS3/PSP mix. I'm totally awaiting more PS1 games that I can play including FF7.

    THe XMB interface is "ok" at best. THey seriously need to overhaul the video, and music portion of the system. In fact, they should hire the guys who created "Xbox Media Center" for the original Xbox. THat is one sweet piece of software and can completely replace the Xbox and "evox" dash for modded xboxes.

    Seriously, I try to copy music over and it comes over in one long list 1000 lines long. I try to copy it by artist and that fails. The ps3 interface for music and video is horrid. I cant make playlists as well.

    Sony is not bad, it's just that they're trying to do too much too quick, and making it sloppy. Instead of analyzing t he market and predicting needs and trends, they're reacting to the market and responding to trends. This makes a rushed out the door feel to products. THey need to step back, analyze what the consumer wants and provide that.

    For now My modded Xbox has no media center replacement.
    For now the PS3 is my updated PS2.
    I want backwards compatability, hence why I rushed to buy the 60 gig.
    I want to download games, and stream to my PSP.
    I want more remote play titles. Heck, I'd love to be able to play a PS2 game through remote play.

    There's tons of things Sony "could" do with the PS3. They just need to stop, step back, take a global look, and start revising it piece by piece. Start with more PSP interoperability. I love that feature.

  • by Petersko ( 564140 ) on Thursday November 08, 2007 @05:48PM (#21286843)
    "Why? Really why is it important to anyone but themselves that they succeed?"

    It's important because a very large base of owners will allow companies to keep making games with high development costs. Right now they're doing it primarily on faith.
  • by Osty ( 16825 ) on Thursday November 08, 2007 @06:03PM (#21287073)

    Because if they fail, there's less competition.

    Sega failed yet we still have three players in the console market. If Sony were to fail so horribly with the PS3 that they drop out of the market entirely, I wouldn't be surprised to see others try to enter the market in their wake. EA is probably the most likely candidate.

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