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Prognosticating Deus Ex 3 43

Deus Ex is a big deal(tm) for PC gamers, and the news of Deus Ex 3 now being on the way is well worth celebrating. Rock, Paper, Shotgun takes it to (perhaps) an unhealthy level. Kieron Gillen starts with the brand-new trailer, analyzes the imagery from the piece, and jumps off into an intensely detailed theory session about what the newest chapter set in our dystopic future might entail. "In a list, the themes are fairly striking - we hit the primary icons of the human body and perfection in nature, with Da Vinci's work as the perpetual primary shorthand. The other trend is that of social upheaval and prejudice - the signs are all deliberately retro, harking back to the more obvious prejudice and societal injustices. The key bit relevant to the plot is the Biopolitic vote of 2027, which places it twenty-five years before the start of the first Deus Ex game. Which would imply prequel or (as an outside bet, which is a shame, as it's my preferred option) alternate time-line story."
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Prognosticating Deus Ex 3

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  • Deus Ex is a big deal(tm) for PC gamers...
    Slow down, everyone. No need for everyone to post at once.
    • Really, I think it's just the total lack of real content in the post. DX3 is a big deal, even after the disappointment that was IW, but ... All this trailer has is some images that people have taken the time to freeze frame. The only relevant detail is 2027, and even that gives us little.
    • Re:Big deal, eh? (Score:4, Interesting)

      by Elemenope ( 905108 ) on Thursday November 29, 2007 @01:53PM (#21520713)

      Well, yeah, it's a big deal. I think though that the /. crowd blew most of its load on the article that was posted about the original announcement. Crazy kids these days (tm) who think that good games started with Halo and ended with World of Warcraft need to get back to their roots...

      DX1 was fantastic because you got presented with a world in which it was possible to think about the philosophy of surveillance and posthumanism, and conversate with well-realized characters, and also in between the chats get to regulate the bad guys with some serious hardware.

      While many here have already expressed their disdain for DX:IW, I liked its presentation of a morally bleak world with many possible futures (of varying bleakness), all seriously discussed and described, and also how in between you got to regulate the bad guys with some serious fucking hardware.

      Me, if the thing is thoughtful and not an intellectual hack-job, and there is the possibility of some serious bad-guy regulation (preferably with hardware, though after Half-life 2 I've become more flexible on that point), then I think we'll have ourselves a winner.

      p.s. to the Editors...perhaps it would be a good plan to space out the almost-dupes a little more; it's hard to get excited today about a game that doesn't yet exist if we were just all excited about it *yesterday* and got it out of our systems.

      • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

        by Elemenope ( 905108 )

        And also, I am deeply indebted to DX1 for turning me on to G. K. Chesterton. If DX3 could do something similar for some other forgotten but important thinker, that would at least be a public service, regardless of all other considerations on plot, character, intellectual rigor, interface, or bad-guy regulating issues (with or without hardware).

      • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

        by nrjyzerbuny ( 141033 )
        The other thing that I believe really set apart Deus Ex and DX:IW was familiarity. The first Deus Ex was the modern world plus a few interesting and logical steps forward. Police and military units augment their force with armed robots. Government surveillance is increasingly pervasive. The voice of 'the people' is increasingly dismissed by those in power.

        Deus Ex started with real life and added to it logically, thus creating a world that was different, but still recognizable and 'real'. Which made the
        • That's very true, and I think it was both a strength and a weakness (you put your finger right on the weakness). The corresponding strength of having the world be too far divorced from ours to bear too much resemblance is it gives the writers a much freer hand in exploring ideas that might otherwise be shackled by our expectations of how the world works.

          Example: the only character turn in DX1 that never sold for me was Paul and J.C. up and deciding that merging with Helios was a bright and brilliant way

  • ...if and only if they promise it's not going to be some half-assed PC/platform mutant like Deus Ex 2. :P

  • by roystgnr ( 4015 ) * <roystgnr@ticam.utex a s . e du> on Thursday November 29, 2007 @02:00PM (#21520857) Homepage
    But I'm afraid that at the moment both are still overwhelmed by fear.

    The most interesting new rumor today: I see that someone at Wikipedia claims to have noticed "coop" as one of the listed features on a Deus Ex 3 whiteboard on the Eidos Montreal webpage. This could mean, in decreasing order of probability:

    A. Cooperative multiplayer was an idea they were tossing around but eventually dropped when they realized how much extra work it would be for the designers.

    B. The "storyline" is so noninteractive and linear that it can be played either in single player or coop without too much extra work (i.e. they're just using the "Deus Ex" name to sell more copies).

    C. They're managing to take the complex universe, huge multipath levels, engaging writing and interactive branching of the original Deus Ex story to make something which is just as brilliant but which still works seamlessly when you and your friends/significant other play together.

    I'm pretty sure C can't be true... I mean, the "Baldur's Gate" games only pulled it off because even the single player game included a party of characters... but I WANT TO BELIEVE.
  • Deus Ex - Warren Spector = don't really care. Especially not enough to read another pretentious article by that anal wart Kieron Gillen.

  • Deus Ex is a big deal(tm) for PC gamers, and the news of Deus Ex 3 now being on the way is well worth celebrating
    I'm too busy trying to forget DX:IW ever happened to give a flying fuck about the next shitty sequel that's planned.
  • Why all the DX2 hating? I remember picking up the xbox version for cheap a while after it was new and it still seemed pretty fun. I thought it was fairly comparable to the first game and didnt seem as dumbed down for consoles as Bioshock was compared to System shock 2.
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Spad ( 470073 )
      But it *was* dumbed down.

      No locational damage, horrible menus that were clearly designed for a controller not a mouse, only one type of ammo, no weapon reloading, skills removed, ATMs gone. The excellent storyline and the characters were still there, it just wasn't Deus Ex.
      • Uh, ATMs were still there. Just like soda and candy bar machines were still there. It's just that the hacking interface was horribly simplified.
        And I believe there's some amount of locational damage, at least in version 1.2. Just not as much as there *should* be. (Three pistol shots to the head to down someone.)
    • see, you played it on it's target platform and could understand it's limitations were because of the platform. the PC version is truly identical to the xbox version right down to having to use the keyboard to make many of the menu selections (even though you have a mouse pointer on the screen, for some reason clicking it doesnt do anything). There were a lot of downright stupid design decisions, stuff that could have been rectified in a mornings programming, but they opted to just do everything the xbox way
      • The horrid irony is that they didn't intend on targeting the Xbox... they just didn't want there to be some feature on the Xbox left out of the PC version, or a PC feature left out of the Xbox version. They just didn't realize that to make a good game, they need to optimize for the specific platform: Make it feel just as natural on the Xbox as the PC, so while the features are different you get the same low value of Suck. There is an imbalance of Suck when it comes to Invisible War.
  • by jacobw ( 975909 ) <slashdot@org.yankeefog@com> on Thursday November 29, 2007 @02:57PM (#21521859) Homepage
    The only thing you can conclude from this trailer is that video game trailers are now being generated by the same VoiceOver 3000 Random Voiceover Writing Machine that seems to generate every film trailer. All that's missing are the phrases, "In a world where..." and "Now, one man must..."
    • The writers have to write for something while they're on strike. Think of their starving children!
    • In a world of pretenious machine-automated videogame trailers, one man must stop the recycled cliches before they stop him. Coming this summer, Pretentious Voiceover II: Revenge of jacobw.
  • by KlomDark ( 6370 ) on Thursday November 29, 2007 @04:15PM (#21523047) Homepage Journal
    I stopped liking that game after I asked for Deus Ex II for Christmas. I asked my mom for it, and she whapped me across the face hard.

    I was completely shocked and scared by that, until I realized that asking my mom for "Deus Ex II" sounds a lot like I was asking to "Do Sex Too".

    What kind of fucking name is that for a game? Right up there with Windows Sex Pee.
    • Or, you just pronounced it wrong. You need to make it sound elevated and mighty, ergo not chuch latin. An approximation would be dayoes eks, kind of like jesus x, but completely different.
    • by Scipher ( 35125 )
      Day-Us Ex.

    • by biovoid ( 785377 )
      As others have pointed out, that's not the correct pronunciation. However the correct way sounds a bit like "Day o' Sex" (Day of Sex) so that doesn't really help either. :)
    • Not to be a language nazi, but english way of vocalizing letters is not the only one out there and "Deus Ex" is a latin expression. Pronounciation is way different than in english - it's very strict in vocalizing letters.
      The closest you can get is propably:
      "De" - like in "debris"
      "us" - 'u' is almost typical 'oo' but short; think "goose" but short 'u' and 's'
      "Ex" - 'e' is again like in "debris"

      And I know - the game is developed by english-speaking company and they can spell it however they want. So do
  • BioShock (Score:1, Troll)

    by ehiris ( 214677 )
    If you loved Deus Ex, BioShock is your game.
    • If you loved System Shock, maybe. I'm a big fan of Deus Ex, it was one of the first games that left a mark on me. And I can't think positively of BioShock. All that ever comes to mind are its flaws.

      Perhaps I just hold games like that to different, higher standard.
      • No, if you loved System Shock (1 and 2) you'll be disappointed with Bioshock, because it's just an ordinary FPS without any noticeable RPG elements.
        Not saying Bioshock was a bad FPS, but it's a game for the masses: Just point and shoot and follow the hallway.
  • Considering the games are all about Conspiracy Theories, is it really so wrong to examine everything about the game *as* a conspiracy theory?

    I'm going to stay reservedly interested until I see more, like a proper demo. But I won't discount it outright just because Spector's not involved. After all, neither is Witchboy, which can only be a good thing.

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