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Valve Plans For More Half-Life Beyond Episode 3 105

Ars Technica notes, via an interview at the StuffWeLike site, comments from Valve's Doug Lombardi indicating that the company has plans to continue the Half-Life series beyond Half-Life 2 Episode 3 . "While most sites are taking this as a confirmation of Half-Life 3, the quote is not a definitive on anything other than the continuation of the series. And, of course, there hasn't ever been so much as a rumor hinting at Half-Life's demise. As what is arguably the biggest franchise on the PC platform, there is no reason for Valve to stop producing the crowbar-swingin' good times."
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Valve Plans For More Half-Life Beyond Episode 3

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  • by 192939495969798999 ( 58312 ) <info&devinmoore,com> on Friday December 14, 2007 @01:40PM (#21699416) Homepage Journal
    And now for all the jokes relating the number of half-life sequels to some periodic radioactive decay!

    • When atoms decay, they sometimes change from isotopes of one element to isotopes of another.

      Does this mean HL2 might go from FPS to RTS?

      Or will it just slowly kill us via particulate bombardment?
    • by moderatorrater ( 1095745 ) on Friday December 14, 2007 @01:47PM (#21699508)
      All right, the original was released in '98. Half Life 2 was released in '04, Episode 1 in '06, and Episode 2 in '07. It appears to be accelerating. At this rate, our children will be able to play nothing but half life sequels!
      • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

        by enjerth ( 892959 )
        If the boxed version of Episode 17 includes Episodes 16, 15, 14... etc AND the original Half-Life 2, then my kids won't likely be able to afford to play Half-Life as the box will cost $390.

        Yes. I'm still sore about Valve dropping the black box. I was excited about Team Fortress and Portal. But then they canceled the black box, so I would have to pay an added premium for the orange box for content I already have. After I heard that I swore it off. And with swearing.

        Fuck you, Valve.
        • by hidannik ( 1085061 ) on Friday December 14, 2007 @04:10PM (#21701514) Homepage
          So if you're a PC player, buy Team Fortress and Portal individually. Through Steam, you can.

          If you're a 360 player, yeah you're stuck with the Orange Box. But since the only game included in the Orange Box that appeared on consoles previously is Half-Life 2, and a markedly inferior version at that, it shouldn't be so painful.

          Anyway, I think you're looking at this the wrong way; the value of Ep2 + Portal + TF2 is at least that of a full game. They threw in HL2 and Ep1 for free. I suspect that's why they cancelled the Black Box; they would have been charging the same for it as the Orange Box, while delivering less.

          • by enjerth ( 892959 )

            I suspect that's why they cancelled the Black Box; they would have been charging the same for it as the Orange Box, while delivering less.

            I doubt it. Episode One + Deathmatch is $20 now (I bought it for $10 on sale). If they just had the Episode 2/Portal/Team Fortress content I believe MSRP was supposed to be $30, instead of having a starting price of $50.

            So if you're a PC player, buy Team Fortress and Portal individually. Through Steam, you can.

            Having 9 people downloading game content is a GREAT way to kill a LAN party. I bought 9 copies of Episode 1 for $10 each on sale and resold them at a LAN party pretty well and we all enjoyed the game. Not even an option if the game is $50 a shot.

            Valve would have a great LAN party product i

            • If they just had the Episode 2/Portal/Team Fortress content I believe MSRP was supposed to be $30, instead of having a starting price of $50.

              Actually, the Black Box was supposed to retail for $40, with the Orange Box at $60. Instead, they dropped the Black Box and dropped the Orange Box to $50 (well, for the PC at least). That said, I picked up a copy at Best Buy a few weeks ago for $25. Since I hadn't gotten around to playing HL2 before, it was money well spent. Actually, Portal and TF2 are worth the $5
          • by Snowmit ( 704081 )
            Also, if you already owned the other stuff then you can give a friend full access to HL2 and EP1 for free!
        • by yoyhed ( 651244 )
          Yeah, because $50 for TF2 (worth it alone), Portal, and Episode 2 was SUCH a ripoff. I'm SO FUCKING PISSED that it came with HL2 and HL2E1, even though I had them. Not.
          • by enjerth ( 892959 )
            Well congrats, man. If you're happy spending $20 more than the MSRP for the same thing, then enjoy it yourself.
            • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

              by heinousjay ( 683506 )
              So, looking in the Steam Store, I see the Orange Box is $49.95. Checking the individual prices shows me that Episode 2 sells for $29.95, Team Fortress 2 for $29.95, and Portal for $19.95. I see no Black Box option. This leads me to believe that in your comment, the "M" in "MSRP" means "man on the Internet" because I see no such suggested price from the manufacturer. I guess you're allowed to assign whatever value you like, but comparing the price against something that was never offered is kinda retarde
              • by enjerth ( 892959 )
                If you want to base some argument on the fact that I shouldn't be upset because the thing was never released, just move on. I'm saying I'm sore that they didn't release it. So you're not really saying anything new.

                Let me make an analysis you might understand. Britney Spears records 2 new songs. The producer announces a release having the 2 songs, for only $5. Then instead they make a compilation of so-called "greatest hits" and include the 2 new songs on that release, for $15. I can understand that you, as
                • by yoyhed ( 651244 )
                  It's more like Britney Spears records 3 new songs (and one is the third in a series of songs), and it's announced before they're even done that there will be a release for $3 with those 3 songs on it.

                  Later, they decide to include the 2 songs leading up to the 3rd in the series, and charge $5 for the release. No biggie, because the 3 new songs are 3 of the best songs released this year, and given how much quality listening time you get out of them, they really should be charging $3 for each!

                  Oh wait, the al
                  • by enjerth ( 892959 )

                    given how much quality listening time you get out of them, they really should be charging $3 for each!

                    Sounds like you work for the RIAA or something. But I'll be the judge of that when it comes to my own money. The idea that you can dictate to me how much your product is worth to me is the dictionary definition of condescending, and it is insulting.

                    I just remember the days when this kind of content was called an expansion pack, and was sold separately for a significantly lower price. Valve was set to do that, and then they changed their minds.

                    You think they were justified? Fine. It's their product, and the

                    • by Starayo ( 989319 )

                      The idea that you can dictate to me how much your product is worth to me is the dictionary definition of condescending, and it is insulting.

                      Gee, you must be a real hit at your local shops.

                      Most people who live on their own with a median income have far better purposes for their money, especially when it comes to buying $50 games. You can buy the same stuff you already have with a little bit of new stuff for $50? Or all new games?

                      You poor dear. Here in Australia we pay USD$86 and up for the same crap.

                    • by yoyhed ( 651244 )
                      Yeah, TF2 certainly isn't worth buying if you have TF1 - just like HL2 isn't worth buying if you have HL1, and hell, who needs Mario Galaxy when you have Mario 3?

                      As far as the worth of a product, Valve set a price (and a mighty fair one, just ask someone who's actually PLAYED the new games) - same as any other product. If you don't like being dictated the worth of a product, shop on eBay or at the flea market.

                      Sounds like you just don't like Valve games to begin with, and you only value linear length as a
                    • by toolie ( 22684 )

                      From the reviews, TF2 is not much different than TF, just with new skins and new maps. That doesn't sound like it's worth $50.
                      You just demonstrated your extreme ignorance at what you are trying to hold a conversation about.
                    • by enjerth ( 892959 )

                      Gee, you must be a real hit at your local shops.

                      Maybe you're just dense, so I'll explain.

                      It's fine if you want to tell me how much you think your product is worth. But the moment you presume you can tell me what you think it's worth to ME, you're addressing me in a familiar way. If you are not actually familiar with me, that is quite disrespectful. You have no idea how much time I have to play video games or how much I enjoy a particular type of game. You can't tell me that it's worth $90 to me (which is what the analogy suggested by "$3 per [new] song"

                    • by enjerth ( 892959 )
                      I have 2 copies of Half-Life, Team Fortress, Opposing Force, Counter-Strike, Episode One and one copy of Blue shift.

                      People with a median income can easily spare $20 more than what they originally expected to pay for a product, and I'd say most of them would do that rather than sitting around bitching about the 20 bucks, irrationally boycotting the company, and not enjoying some of the year's best games.

                      There's a sickness in this country where people (gifted by their short attention span) do not hold grudges. I call that a sickness because I believe it's the leading cause to the degeneration of customer service in this world, which I remember was alive and well 10 years ago, but is dying off quickly today. I may be a dying breed, but when I draw a line, it's final. Valve disposing of the Bla

                • This actually happened with Nirvana. Their greatest hits (self titled "Nirvana") included the new track "You Know You're Right". I own every other Nirvana album and this track was not included with the box set.

                  Fortunately enough for music, it can be purchased individually with very little markup.
                • Sorry Valve didn't consult you, they may have realized their error. Your brilliant analysis has changed my mind, I know that.
        • Or you could have waited, shopped around and gotten orange box for $25. I know I did.
        • by Tim C ( 15259 )
          Yeah, that sucks.

          On the other hand I have HL2, but not Ep1, so for me it's a rather better deal. Sucks to have to buy HL2 again, but with The Orange Box currently being sold by amazon.co.uk for roughly half the RRP, I'm not complaining too hard. (In fact, I'm waiting for it to arrive - hopefully tomorrow (well, later today now) with a bit of luck)
        • If the boxed version of Episode 17 includes Episodes 16, 15, 14... etc AND the original Half-Life 2, then my kids won't likely be able to afford to play Half-Life as the box will cost $39065437649543755433444554352148895045314.

          There. I adjusted it to inflation for you.

    • Re: (Score:1, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward
      The word in this case is cue.
    • by flitty ( 981864 )
      When I launch half life 1, the only enemies are headcrabs and the only weapon is the crowbar. The rest has become an isotope of counterstrike.
  • Sequels.... (Score:2, Funny)

    by Lulfas ( 1140109 )
    Yes yes, news that a sequel to a huge well selling franchise might be coming. Obvious cat is obvious!
  • by tyroneking ( 258793 ) on Friday December 14, 2007 @01:52PM (#21699582)
    ... the few extra words in the Ars 'article':

    "SWL: Are there any current plans after Episode 3 to have a Half Life 3?
    DL: We haven't announced anything specific, but Half-Life won't end at Episode Three - hang on to your crowbars!"

    Unless you thought 'crowbar' was in fact an allusion to 'penis' in which case you probably shouldn't have included it in the Slashdot story after all...

    Or even a link to the original article: http://www.stuffwelike.com/stuffwelike/2007/12/12/half-life-3-world-exclusive/ [stuffwelike.com]

    Which has fun comments like:
    "ummm... in no way whatsoever did doug say there would be a half-life three. could just be episode four. please stop brandying guesses as legitimate facts." - wow, brandying is a real word - it means "To preserve, flavor, or mix with brandy"

  • by Cerberus7 ( 66071 ) on Friday December 14, 2007 @01:53PM (#21699594)
    I can't even begin to consider anything about Half-Life 3, but since we're speaking of the Half-Life series...

    Has anybody managed to get any information on what kind of game Ep3 will be? I've read about the HL2 episodes as being testbeds for different kinds of play technology; Ep1 was Alyx's development, having an effective side-kick. Ep2 was cinematic physics and large outdoor areas. I'm really, really hoping that Ep3 will be an unbounded game world, such as the GTA games (only with headcrabs instead of gangs). All of the Half-Life games so far have been, in general, train rides. You go from point A via route A with almost no variation. The combat areas may have some openness to them, but the world as a whole does not. Has anybody out there heard anything?
    • Not gonna happen.

      The great scripted, movie-like feel of the HL games require linearity.
      • by Flentil ( 765056 )
        No. GTA San Andreas has a well scripted story and is still wide open to explore. These games are still on rails because the developers are so comfortable with the format.
        • Fine, let me put it another way:

          What happens when End of the Earth Situation occurs in game, and you're still free to go about your business, and the End of Earth Situation waits until you get there to take the mission?

          Then compare to the current HL way...
        • by morari ( 1080535 )
          The Grand Theft Auto series is by no means a good example of a well scripted story. I think a better series to bring up would be the Elder Scrolls. Not only is it much more open than GTA, but it does have a finely crafted plot that transcends multiple installments. I personally can't see Half-Life ever moving fully in that direction, but I do agree that the series is far too linear and one of the reasons I find the sequel especially overrated. Note: Not bad, overrated.
        • by Vexor ( 947598 )
          Speaking of GTA, where's my GTA MMO! The fact that there's more HL coming isn't a shocker for anyone. It's more like "duh"
      • We'll I haven't played any of HL2 so I don't know exactly how "well crafted" the story telling experience is (FWIW I do plan on making orange box on the 360 my next gaming purchase) but both Bioshock and The Darkness offered worlds where you were free to explore (more so in TD than BS). Both games also had very well crafted story telling IMO.

        The worlds weren't as expansive as say Oblivion on GTA but you were still mostly free to go around and do as you please.
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by enderjsv ( 1128541 )
      But therein lays the predicament. Often times, freedom comes at the expense of story and character development. If I had to choose between the awesome story and charming characters of HL2, or a more open environment, I'd choose the former.
      • Agreed. I'd much rather keep the story and character development going over open world gameplay if, as you and zsouthboy have said, one or the other must be chosen. However, if they can find a way to keep the story and character development going while simultaneously opening the game world up, I'm all for that. And put a gun on that helicopter! I want to blow up gunships and dropships from the air, dang it!
      • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

        by MrHanky ( 141717 )
        The characters of GTA: Vice City and San Andreas were much, much better than the ones in Half-Life 2, perhaps in part because of the superior voice acting, but also because they had larger than life personalities. What exactly is there to Alyx? She's a boilerplate "fun" girl who likes action and dangerous things, but she doesn't express any personal ideas (well, she came up with the word 'zombine'), and she certainly doesn't properly function as a dramatic character. For that you need some sort of conflict,
        • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

          by enderjsv ( 1128541 )
          First, I'll reply to what I agree with. GTA Vice city (and 3 and San Andreas) were GREAT games with great stories and great characters (lotsa great). That being said, the GTA franchise is far more linear than people make it out to be. Sure, in between missions there is a sandbox, but once a mission starts, it's a linear endeavor from start to finish. And lets not fool ourselves, what made the characters so appealing in the GTA games was the scripted cut scenes and awesome voice acting, not any sandbox i
          • by MrHanky ( 141717 )
            I don't disagree with your points re GTA, but there's another form of open-endedness to it, in that you sometimes can use the city in a more open way during the missions, choosing different paths to employ different tactics. In HL2, you're pretty much locked into a specific path: you can't go back and outflank the enemy, for instance, since the way back more often than not is blocked (a notable exception is the striders attacking the silo at the end of Episode 2). Even when you don't have much choice of whe
        • It's not like you ever consider going over to the Combines as a serious option, is it?

          "Did you know your contract was open to the highest bidder?"

          It's possible that the G-Man would have sold Gordon's services if the price was right. Gordon may even believe he's working against the Combine while he's doing it ("The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world"--the G-Man can insert Gordon into a place where his natural reactions will work in the Combine's favor). Who knows just

      • Prime example: Deus Ex Invisible War. Sure, there were alternatives and different factions you could support, but there was no point. No friends, for one. You supported a faction by doing their bidding, but they did nothing to support you after that. Why not? It'd have been too labor-intensive to do that. Too many map modifications depending on what choices you'd made. Too many voice actors. Too many extra maps for each side.

        Of course, if you're willing to put in the extra time and effort, you can come up w
    • *SPOILERS* Well I know they've said that their plans for episode 3 are very ambitious, maybe even too much so. When you consider that at the very end of episode 2 they were just about to get on a helicoper...who knows? You may not be far from the truth.
      • by yoyhed ( 651244 )
        ***SPOILERS THAT MAY IMPLY WHAT EVENTS TRANSPIRE BUT DON'T STATE THEM OUTRIGHT*** Yeah, but Alyx will probably just be crying like a little bitch the whole time because of what happened.
    • by GroeFaZ ( 850443 )
      Probably not going to happen. I have recently (i.e. 2 weeks) played through HL2, ep1, ep2, and Portal, and a second time with commentary mode where applicable, and especially the commentaries gave me a pretty good idea of how HL game design works. GTA gameplay has its place in gaming, but I can't imagine it for the HL series, simply because HL means extensive, coherent story across installments, delievered by cinematic scenes that require timing and pacing. And for the story as well as character development
    • by Chyeld ( 713439 ) <chyeld@NOsPAm.gmail.com> on Friday December 14, 2007 @03:21PM (#21700830)
      Valve has a love for games on rails. They do everything they can possible to ensure that you see what they want you to see, when they want you to see it, without being aware of the rails. Listen to the dev commentary in Ep 2 and Portal and it becomes immediately obvious that the perfect game experience in Valve's mind would be to give the illusion of GTA while ensuring you never actually stray from the path.

      This is not a horrible thing. The reason most people are down on games that are on rails is that most developers suck at story telling and cinematic experiences while simultaneously thinking they rock at the same. Therefore most games on rails feel more like a Disney ride than an epic adventure. Both in the fact that you are consitantly reminded that you are on rails and that the various "props" are obviously only expected to be seen from the "ride-side" of the game. Valve actually puts the effort in to cover up the rails, to polish the props and to make it look as if the fact that you just happen to be going down the path is because YOU choose to go that way, not because every other way was closed.

      Take for instance, the 'other' episodic game that was released around the time of Episode 1. SiN Episodes: Emergence.

      In SiN, you were shown this huge city, many of the locations in game were huge, the modern day equivalents of the Tower of Babel. And yet, there was always a fence, a door, or a window between you and the rest of the world. There were very strict paths you were forced to take, and even though you would often be assulted by people coming from the inaccessible areas, you never were given the chance to get to them yourself. It was very obvious that your goals were "get A to pass B so you can push C and open D".

      This is exactly the same scenario that the Half-Life games provide, but with them it is far, far easier to forget that you are being herded along a path. Take dodging the Antlion guard in the mines/hive. Most people, the first time around, probably almost shat themselves when they finially fell down that final shaft with the guard seemingly just a millisecond behind them. However if you play the game through again, you realize that this spot was actually scripted to come off exactly that way. You might be able to mess around and actually die there, but you will never get so far ahead of the guard that they won't be a millisecond behind you at the final shaft.

      Valve specializes in cinematic magic. A sandbox free-will game is their anti-thesis.
      • Allow me a "me too".

        Valve has NAILED the pure-FPS, linear game. Fucking nailed it. As in, may-never-be-beat nailed it.

        I happen to like that genre, when it's done well. Non-linear shooters, FPS/RPG hybrids, etc. are a different matter entirely. I have trouble saying that HL2: Ep2 is a better or worse game than, say, Deus Ex or GTAIII: Vice City. I don't think it even makes a lot of sense to compare it to Doom I and II, or Painkiller, for example, since those are run-and-gun, minimal-story games, and the
      • Half Life was always like a movie with a little interaction. It's not a bad thing, I find it very entertaining, and it's certainly very impressive.

      • I personally loved the free-roaming Strider/Hunter fight at the climax of Episode 2. HARD AS HELL, but damn was it worth it. I think saying that free-roaming is their antithesis is wrong; especially when their AI is both highly dynamic and highly scriptable, Half-Life can and does go 'off the rails'. Yes, that antlion guard on your tail was scripted to be there at exactly the right moment, but in GTA each individual mission is just as scripted. The same thugs will pour from the same buildings, the items wil
      • Having the One True Path worked just fine for the first Half-Life, because you were trapped in a collapsing underground base so it made sense that your movement options were very limited. Valve continued to make great "on rails" games with Half-Life 2 and it's Episodes, but the illusion disappeared because you spend most of the game in cities or in open country. After the first game, there hasn't been a single moment that I wasn't aware that I was "on rails". As someone pointed out, FarCry is a great cou
    • by Hackie_Chan ( 678203 ) on Friday December 14, 2007 @03:47PM (#21701198)
      Gabe Newell seems to show a lot of fancy towards the episodic method of distributing games. Put that in mind when he remarked to Eurogamer a while back [eurogamer.net] that Episode 1 to Episode 3 "essentially" was Half Life 3. Smaller teams with less to lose permits them to take more risks in game design. Does this mean the real Half Life 3 (not episode 1-3!) will be distributed the same way?

      However, on what we know about Episode 3: First of all, Portal takes place in the Half Life universe in the laboratories of Aperture Science. This had to be for an obvious reason since it essentially is a storyline shoe-horn in to a puzzle game. They didn't need to do it, but they did it anyway. Episode 2 spills the info that Aperture Science has a vessel called the Borealis [youtube.com]. It "vanished" (i.e. teleportation) but has now been found. Obviously Gordon will have to go there and find the ship and obtain the gadgets and gizmos. This means Gordon will have to travel to the arctic, so Episode 3 will most likely feature snowy areas. And then there is this Gabe Newell quote [g4tv.com] on Portal (After you launch the player, play the video called "X-Play Review: Portal". Gabe's quote is a little over the halfway mark):
      "The character that you play is a character who has importance in the overall half-life universe, and will eventually have a fairly significant relationship with other characters that we're already familiar with".

      The way Portal works as an introductory game to educate the players on how to use the Portal gun to interact with the environment is a really clever method to set things up on how it will potentially be used in Episode 3. But I'm actually not so sure however whether Chell will give Gordon the gun, cause he doesn't have the surgically inserted heel springs to prevent injury from falling the large distances. Oh, and GLaDOS will probably be involved somehow...she's "still alive" you know.
  • by robinsonne ( 952701 ) on Friday December 14, 2007 @01:55PM (#21699612)
    ...about the same time Blizzard gives up on WoW.
  • If this proves to be true I will be so glad. The HL franchise is by far my favorite. I love HL series and hope it continues for a long time. Otherwise it shall be a very disappointing day for me. :-)
  • linux client please (Score:3, Interesting)

    by pak9rabid ( 1011935 ) on Friday December 14, 2007 @02:13PM (#21699874)
    I really wish Valve would put out a Linux client so us Linux-only users can play HL2 + sequels without the performance rape associated with using Wine (no hate on the Wine project...it kicks ass at what it does). Ah well, I guess we'll have to wait for Microsoft to shoot themselves in the foot for a few more years before that will ever become a possibility.
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by LingNoi ( 1066278 )
      Since Gabe is ex-Microsoft I think your answer would be "when hell freezes over". Of course they'd never publicly say that.

      It's a shame really because I too would like a Linux client on my Ubuntu machine.. Carmack's engines are always cross-platform, the UT engines are cross platform but source is Windows only and that's probably never going to change at Valve. I am guessing it doesn't even show up on their radar.

      I can't remember or not, did the orange box come out for the PS3? And doesn't the PS3 run openG
      • by ADRA ( 37398 )
        The PS3 development port was farmed out to another company. Due to the heavy lock-in to DirectX or the non-Valve company doing the work, the port to PS3 has been panned as having very poor graphics performance.

        Valve really needs to take the finger out of its ass and support OpenGL officially, because DirectX 10 is a wash for at least 2 more years (until Vista / DX10 maybe hits critical mass) and since all OpenGL (OSX/Linux/PS3) market segments are growing, if just a little.

        Their inferiority on these platfor
      • I can't remember or not, did the orange box come out for the PS3? And doesn't the PS3 run openGL?
        Straying from your question, but that version was done by EA, rather than Valve, and is said to have nasty framerate issues. Mind you, Gabe Newell hates the PS3. He calls it a complete disaster and a waste of everyone's time.
    • by mackil ( 668039 )
      It could happen. [valvesoftware.com]
      • This is vague enough to be talking about dedicated servers only.

        One can still hope though (I know I am).

        id and Epic do Linux ports of their flagship games mostly because it makes a good bullet point on their respective engines' feature lists (ie. "Cross-platform Windows/Mac/Linux support". Valve might be tempted to do the same eventually.
  • by Alari ( 181784 )
    A sequel to a successful franchise? Shocking! [penny-arcade.com]

    In other news: Who started this whole "Half-Life ends with Ep3" rumor anyway?
    • In other news: Who started this whole "Half-Life ends with Ep3" rumor anyway?

      I suspect it's just an assumption--the whole "things tend to come in threes" rule of thumb. (Of course Half-Life 2 Episode 3 would actually be the 4th Half-Life 2 game . . . confusingly. Perhaps Valve goes by the Douglas Adams definition of "Trilogy")

    • In other news: Who started this whole "Half-Life ends with Ep3" rumor anyway?

      Especially since they clearly have at least one story left to tell after HL2:EP3.

      HL2:EP3: Combine suffers a last, crippling defeat on Earth, but is still a big (possibly realized, at the end of the game) threat. Gordon gets teleporting tech.... hmmm...

      HL3: Gordon uses the teleporting tech to reach the Combine homeworld (or a major regional capitol world, or something) and kicks some ass, giving humanity long enough to build itself

  • TF2 maps!!! (Score:2, Insightful)

    How about a few more TF2 maps on the console!!!
    • How about a few more TF2 maps on the console!!!
      Quoted for Truth. Come on Valve. Keep TF2 alive!
    • The PC version of TF2 has a bunch of high quality user created maps. Can't you download those on your 360 or PS3?

      • Nope. I've seen those and it's made it really tempting to buy the PC version as well...but I know I won't be able to justify having the game on two different platforms. No worries though, as I've since read that Valve is indeed working on some new maps for the 360.
      • I play TF2 for the PC all the time. User created maps are below average to horrible in terms of balance, quality, etc.
  • ....to Valve discovering the joys of open ended game play. Their scripted games are great, but after playing San Andreas, and other games of that type, I think it is clear that there lies the future. I'd love to run around in the beautifully rendered Half Life world with the gravity gun, whimsically careening hither and thither in vehicles and such.
  • What? No love for the Mac?

    Perhaps a Steam client for OS X, and/or linux?

    Plenty of OpenGL love is in place if Steam (for some unforseeable reason) decides to hop platforms.


    Wishful thinking...
    • Steam is just the platform that downloads, manages, and launches your games, and has other nifty features. Expect it to come to Mac once a sizable number of the games ON Steam work on Mac.
  • Nintendo plans to continue producing mario titles. Shocking.

Have you ever noticed that the people who are always trying to tell you `there's a time for work and a time for play' never find the time for play?