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The Intersection of Gaming and Futurama 35

Nerds made Futurama. You probably already knew that. As you can imagine, these nerds played a lot of games during the making of the show. Games ended up in the show a lot, too. Game|Life's Chris Kohler delves deeply into this connection over a series of articles; for example, did you know that Zoidberg was named for a variant of Qix ? Or that the creators of the show were big pinball players? Probably the most obvious combination of games and the show was the amazing episode Raiders of the Lost Arcade. "The evil alien is joined by his evil arcade comrades: Donkey Kong, a fried egg from Burger Time, a robot from Berserk, a brain from Robotron. Q*bert is also there, and he spouts some characteristically garbled dialogue which, when played backwards, is revealed to be "Where can a guy get some pants around here?""
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The Intersection of Gaming and Futurama

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