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MADD Targets GTA IV Over Drunk Driving Scene 703

eldavojohn writes "The watch-dog group Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has set its sights on the rating of GTA IV, primarily because a player can drive drunk in the game. MADD released a statement saying that 'Drunk driving is not a game, and it is not a joke. Drunk driving is a choice, a violent crime and it is also 100 percent preventable.' MADD also is asking Rockstar Games to consider removing GTA IV from distribution 'out of respect for the millions of victims/survivors of drunk driving.' Rockstar replied to MADD by saying 'we have a great deal of respect for MADD's mission, but we believe the mature audience for "Grand Theft Auto IV" is more than sophisticated enough to understand the game's content.' As expected, Jack Thompson is making his usual attention-whoring remarks by comparing GTA IV to the polio virus."
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MADD Targets GTA IV Over Drunk Driving Scene

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  • Re:Awesome (Score:5, Informative)

    by MozeeToby ( 1163751 ) on Thursday May 01, 2008 @10:55AM (#23263298)
    What's even more ironic is that the game specifically says "Driving in this condition is a bad idea, better call a cab". The scene in question is designed to teach you how to use the cabs in the game. If you drive anyway the police will arrest you, even open fire on your car if hurt someone and refuse to stop. The game is actually very clearly anti-drunk driving.
  • by zerofoo ( 262795 ) on Thursday May 01, 2008 @10:58AM (#23263346)
    MADD's founder broke with the group in the 1980s:

    MADD founder Candy Lightner broke ties with the group in the 1980s. In 2002, she told the Washington Times: "[MADD] has become far more neo-prohibitionist than I had ever wanted or envisioned ... I didn't start MADD to deal with alcohol. I started MADD to deal with the issue of drunk driving."

    MADD is a bunch of nutcases that want ANY amount of drinking to be illegal. If we let these special intrest groups take our freedoms away, one by one, we will no longer be a free people. Our founding fathers would be ashamed.

    Games are just that - games. They are a convenient way to explain what would otherwise be called bad parenting.

  • by spookymonster ( 238226 ) on Thursday May 01, 2008 @11:00AM (#23263384)
    http://www.autoworld.com/news/Dodge/Neon_DD.htm [autoworld.com]

    "Chrysler has found a safe way to demonstrate this dangerous situation to teen drivers with the Neon Drunk Driving Simulator, a specially equipped Dodge/Plymouth Neon that mimics the effects of driving after drinking alcohol.

    Sponsored by Chrysler Corporation, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the U.S. Department of Transportation, the National Association of Broadcasters and local Chrysler Corporation dealers, the Neon Drunk Driving Simulator will travel to more than 250 schools. The vehicle has made more than 2,100 public appearances in more than 200 cities since the program began in 1988. To date, over 750,000 people have tried the Simulator.

    So... it's OK to let people experience the negative effects of drunk driving in a real car, but in the safety of your own living room? NEVER!!!!
  • Re:Awesome (Score:4, Informative)

    by Kamineko ( 851857 ) on Thursday May 01, 2008 @11:08AM (#23263506)
    Yep. When you go drinking ingame, you're usually accompanied by another character. And they will almost always dissuade you from drink driving.

    Even Roman, Niko's lazy drunkard cousin, says "If you drink and drive, you're an idiot."

    ('course... Roman does turn up drunk during the intro sequence, but hey.)
  • Re:Awesome (Score:3, Informative)

    by tonyreadsnews ( 1134939 ) on Thursday May 01, 2008 @11:15AM (#23263592)
    That's exactly what I was thinking. I tried to drive away and it was impossible to drive that thing anywhere, especially when the cops showed up.

    I would have thought they would make a case for Rockstar saying thanks for showing how stupid it is to drive in that condition!
  • by Steauengeglase ( 512315 ) on Thursday May 01, 2008 @11:24AM (#23263738)
    I hate to say this, but MADD is an organization that complains but often has no idea of what it really wants. Some years back they pushed to have free pour taken out of the bars in my state and replaced with mini bottles. They assumed that with the higher taxation people would drink less and that bartenders could be more easily charged with selling alcohol to someone under the influence. Of course it had the opposite effect since the mini bottle only guaranteed drinkers 1.7 ounce in every drink. So when the number of DUIs rose they went out, picketed, signed petitions, cried on television and had the demon mini bottled removed.

    I'm not saying I have anything against their motives, but they often tend to put the histrionics before rational thought.
  • Re:PR advice (Score:3, Informative)

    by Mr3vil ( 1268850 ) on Thursday May 01, 2008 @11:48AM (#23264092)
    Not only that, but GTA IV gives the player a choice as to weather or not they want to drive drunk. The player can hail a cab or call a car service. If the player decides to damn the torpedoes and DUI. Every cop in town is going to instantly give the player at least a 1 star wanted level. Not only that but running from the cops is quite difficult as the controls have been appropriately compromised to simulate driving drunk. It'd be different if the player was rewarded for DUI, or if the game made DUI no different than driving sober. But in this instance the game is giving the player the same choices that they have in real life, albeit not with as serious of consequences.
  • Re:PR advice (Score:2, Informative)

    by charlesj68 ( 1170655 ) on Thursday May 01, 2008 @02:44PM (#23266468)

    Not that I question this, but do you have a link with more information about this? I'm curious to learn more...
    The founder's Wiki page has some good info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candice_Lightner [wikipedia.org]
  • Re:PR advice (Score:2, Informative)

    by Shawn is an Asshole ( 845769 ) on Thursday May 01, 2008 @07:56PM (#23269636)

    MADD has very little to do with drunk driving or parents at this stage. Even their original founder (who DID loose a child to a drunk driver) is disgusted with them at this point.

    The modern version of MADD is more about making money (mmm.. corrupt fundraising) and trying to push neo-prohibition based of iffy 'science'
    Plus, if you want to read up on how MADD pushes crap science to try and push their neo-prohibiton agenda, read this:

    http://www.duicenter.com/lectures/exception01.html [duicenter.com].

    It's long, but well worth the read.

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