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SOE Announces New Expansions for Everquest, Everquest 2 48

Kotaku reports that Sony Online Entertainment has announced new expansions for both Everquest and Everquest 2. The announcement came at SOE's Fan Faire today. Kotaku made available some screenshots and the press release, which gives details about what to expect in the new content. Zonk has some more in-depth coverage on EQ: Seeds of Destruction and EQ II: The Shadow Odyssey over at Massively.
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SOE Announces New Expansions for Everquest, Everquest 2

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  • Has Sony they really had a big hit since original EQ?

    Will they ever climb back to being a real competitor in the MMO market?

    • by derfy ( 172944 ) *

      I really doubt it. I joined EQ after SoL launched and played for a few years. I even was a senior guide for a time. Then, I got bored.

      Interestingly, I only had to quit EQ once. I've quit WoW twice now....

    • If you take Blizzard out of the equation, SOE is probably the biggest name in the arena still. EQ is still chugging along, EQ2 revamped to surprisingly good effect, and they've bought up several smaller/less successful MMOs like Vanguard and Matrix Online.
      • And to think my power guild took off from EQ almost 5 years ago now.
        "... and the meek shall inherit the Earth/Xegony; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace." Psalms 37:11"
        "... and the meek shall be pwned by the sleeper" Bakk 14:07

        If you take Blizzard out of the equation, SOE is probably the biggest name in the arena still. EQ is still chugging along

      • NCSoft is doing far better than Sony. Hell, Square-Enix's FFXI still has around 500k subscribers. Sony isn't doing well at all.

        • as a raider in eq2 (in the last 3 expansions), Sony's not doing well because every other expansion changes 1/2 the game's rules (combat, spell resists, personal resists, mechanics, etc), and then releasing stuff months after being "promised" (our mythicals were 3 months late, several dungeons were months late, and most of the time in new areas, at least 1/3 of the mobs were broken and needed fixed/re-balanced). The current expansion (ROK) destroyed my friend's list (I lost almost 30 people to rage quitting
          • What I didn't like about EQ2 (and I did play it for quite some time) was how you could screw yourself over by leveling too quickly. I'm a completionist by nature, and I want to go back and do quests, even if they're greyed out! Also, it was neigh-impossible to play without a group, and so you end up missing a lot of content just because you couldn't find a group while in the correct level range.

            I play LoTRO now. It's quite similar (EQ2, WoW and LoTRO are all very similar) but it is impossible to shoot your

    • by ProppaT ( 557551 )

      The thing is, the popularity of Everquest had little to nothing to do with SOE. In fact, SOE has been named as the source of the downfall of Everquest and the reason Everquest II was so poorly received at launch. The popularity of the original Everquest had everything to do with the heart and soul pumped into the game by Verant Interactive.

      Many of us old EQ fans were overly enthusiastic when the news of Vanguard hit and that Brad McQuaid (formerly of Verant) was attempting to make a game that was what Eve

  • I haven't been this excited since the last time I watched paint dry!
  • I can't speak for the accuracy of MMOGCharts, but there's a huge doubt that EQ1 and EQ2 have 200k subs each. 125k for each game is a pretty good (albeit unsupported) number based upon the observations of myself and friends that still play EQ1. I played EQ2 for two years before I got sick of the SOEness of doing things and the rudderless sailing of the crew that worked on it...and apparently so did a lot of other people. My server went from 3 hardcore raiding guilds to zero, and some tops end guilds were so

    • I'm pretty sure that they're counting the "Station Pass" in the active EQ1/EQ2 subscriptions, along with SW:G and the Matrix Online.

      Remember, they're only counting subscriptions, not active players, so numbers may be misleading as far as what you see in game.

  • Huh. I had no idea that EQ and EQII were even still running. The tech's got to be looking a little dated by now... maybe it's time for EQIII (or better yet a new IP) and an upgrade path?
    • EQ (probably looks dated... but EQ2 was a lot more graphic-intensive then WoW or EQ1. In fact, it was so graphic intensive, that most video cards of the day had difficulty running EQ2 on anything higher then medium settings.

      I loved the look of the world. I just didn't like:

      - The smallness of the zones at launch
      - The limited number of zones at launch
      - The world felt small, like a bunch of shoeboxes strung together
      - Developers without a central vision
      - Poor QA process

      WoW wide-open world is much mo
  • For many years, SOE has been ignoring what many old EverQuest fans really want: Original EverQuest + Kunark + Velious, and nothing more.

    • I don't know about that. Many of us who still play want revamped content and dynamic content, not more expansions... however some of the expansions do have unique challenges. It would be nice to unify some of them, like LDON, LOY, and anything has a new and useless currency.

      Sklinker of TM

  • But it's so dead and empty, and boring. I can't get into it. Back to another game I go.
  • I find it interesting that the entire premise behind the EQ expansion is almost an exact duplicate of the Caverns of Time area in WoW.

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