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Sony Entertainment Games

Future Sony MMOs Will Be On Consoles 144

The MTV Multiplayer Blog interviewed John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, about the future of MMOs. He discusses some of SOE's current projects and comments that they'll be focusing on consoles for all of their upcoming MMOs. "I would say that we would be one of the early adopters on [bringing MMOs to consoles], and we plan on becoming one of the dominant players in the MMO space on consoles." Sony's plans may include games for their hand-held console, the PSP. Smedley goes on to talk about bringing existing, popular franchises into MMO development, and remarks, "It's pretty safe to say that 'EverQuest' has not seen its last game."
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Future Sony MMOs Will Be On Consoles

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  • Re:Everquest 3? (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday October 03, 2008 @10:42PM (#25253391)

    Everquest 2 is a well rounded MMO. I just wish more people played it. Its a great place for almost anyone except the hardcore PvP-er who wants battlegrounds 24/7. You can advance a character is a lot of ways, either by crafting (adventure level and crafting level are two distinct things -- you can be a level 80 crafter and a level 1 adventurer), running quests for AA (similar to talent points in WoW), raiding (downed named mobs give you status to buy items, as well as guild status), and good ol' mob grinding.

    It also features a couple things that Call of Heros has -- mentoring for example. You can help out a low level character with your high level, and gain bonus exp in the process.

    Finally, it offers a decent house and guild hall system.

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