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November Indie Game Round-Up 39

cyrus_zuo writes with this month's round-up of independent game reviews. Leading the pack is World of Goo, a popular puzzle game in which you build structures to get blobs of goo from one place to another. "WoG could have zero personality and still be a good game, but on top of the tremendous technical execution, you are presented with a quirky and odd world that teems with character. WoG has a style all its own and the flair and dynamics of the world just add to the pleasure of losing time with the game." Also scoring high were action RPG Mount & Blade and the third release in the Strong Bad series.
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November Indie Game Round-Up

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    by Jangchub ( 1139089 ) on Wednesday November 26, 2008 @03:27PM (#25902217)
    Another reader already pointed out but I would like to expand upon the story of Mount&Blade's development. Basically, there is only one developer, Armagan (sp?), and a small number of people who are responsible for the art and other aspects. I've been with, as a gamer, not dev., M&B since mid Beta (They had an interesting system that allowed users to buy the game at a discount during beta with full future support; the price scaled to retail as the game came closer to release) and have to say Armagan did a great job. The reviews are basically spot on if you average them out; An insanely addictive battle system (better than any other mount-based system is word on the street) with an overall undeveloped and flaky beta-feel to other aspects of the game. A Sandbox game. Don't come looking for KOTOR-like story. If you call yourself a gamer you need to DL a copy; it's free with a level cap of 7 and I would bet 3/5 people who hit seven will buy the retail. And you would be supporting a real mom and pop indie house. There is a great forum community and large mod movement, so modders will likely fill in the gameplay gaps. Oh yeah and Dwarf Fortress, if you haven't gotten the memo.

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