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Treating ADHD With Games 124

Mana Knight writes "The Escapist has an article called 'Gaming the Brain' about video games being used to treat ADHD. Quoting: 'One of the more promising therapies is neurofeedback, which involves continually monitoring patients' brainwaves. Subjects attempt to change their brainwaves to a set pattern and receive an auditory signal that tells them whether they were successful. With enough repetition, neurofeedback can rewire a person's brain. A study published in 2005 examines how patients diagnosed with ADHD can learn to better maintain their concentration through neurofeedback. Depending on how individuals respond to this type of treatment, it can even be used as a replacement for medication.'"
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Treating ADHD With Games

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    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 13, 2009 @03:28AM (#26429171)

    You do realize that adults can and do have ADHD? My whole bloody family does, including myself.

    Posting AC to avoid an admission to "mental disorder" being archived by Google and pulled up associated with my name if a potential employer searches me out,

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