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New Open Source FPS Blood Frontier Shows Promise 242

Softhaus writes "The guys at Blood Frontier have been busy for the last two years working on a new FPS called (surprise) Blood Frontier . This game is an enhanced Cube 2 engine with original artwork and new gameplay (including a kid-mode, which optionally turns off the blood — a nice option for a change). Add the new paintball mode and you have a real 'game community' here. The code is all there (complete for you to play with), the team listens to feedback from the community, and the game is great! It's nice to see these talented guys showing a true free software attitude. They've mentioned that the first actual release is scheduled for next Friday. Does anyone know of other great open source games that are truly 'open?'"
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New Open Source FPS Blood Frontier Shows Promise

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 27, 2009 @12:35PM (#26623965)

    The author of the game is the submitter, so yes, you're correct.

  • Re:And? (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 27, 2009 @12:55PM (#26624335)

    According to google images,

    Image Links to their game [],

    More poor use of light/bump/normal mapping. I, however, can't rail on them too much. I know good artists and artwork can be a challenge to find on an open source project.

  • Re:Slashdotted (Score:5, Informative)

    by moteyalpha ( 1228680 ) * on Tuesday January 27, 2009 @01:08PM (#26624569) Homepage Journal

    Slashdotted already. Should give an indication of how desperate /. ers are for a new FOSS FPS. [] Get it at sourceforge

  • AssaultCube FPS (Score:3, Informative)

    by adrian.henke ( 852642 ) on Tuesday January 27, 2009 @01:09PM (#26624591)

    Another FOSS FPS? Check out AssaultCube [], description from the website:

    AssaultCube, formerly ActionCube, is a free first-person-shooter based on the game Cube. Set in a realistic looking environment, as far as that's possible with this engine, while gameplay stays fast and arcade. This game is all about team oriented multiplayer fun.

  • by bky1701 ( 979071 ) on Tuesday January 27, 2009 @01:23PM (#26624871) Homepage
    TOME [] is a very good game as well, if you can handle totally keyboard interfaces. It is similar to nethack, but has more of the things you'd expect from a typical modern RPG. It has a (very dated) graphics mode or text. Only problem is probably the difficulty, you'll die a lot first starting out. Enable the cheat death option until you get the hang of it; it'll make the game much more fun.
  • Re:Slashdotted (Score:3, Informative)

    by agrounds ( 227704 ) on Tuesday January 27, 2009 @03:16PM (#26627065)

    WoW actually dates from November of 2004 for active release.

    Your point still stands though.

  • Re:But.., (Score:3, Informative)

    by Chris_Jefferson ( 581445 ) on Tuesday January 27, 2009 @03:17PM (#26627075) Homepage
    It's easy to do those kind of hacks in closed-source projects too, that's why almost every commercial game has moved to not trusting the client as much as possible, only sending it what the client can see and only accepting input it trusts as valid.
  • Incognito Episode 1 (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 27, 2009 @04:58PM (#26628577)

    We have been working on this open source title for about 12-months and released it this Jan.

    These genres change at each "zoom level" of the game:
    *. When you're on foot, it's a First-Person Shooter with RPG elements
    *. When you're in your ship, it's a Space Trading/Combat Simulation
    *. When you're in low orbit of a planet, it's a Simple Real-Time Strategy Game
    *. When you're in your hovertank, it's a Tank Combat Game

    In order to progess through each Episode, you'll have to conquer challenges at each level, gathering information on foot, exploring in your ship, landing on uninhabited planets and establishing bases, and on hostile planets, invading a planet's surface defenses in the hovertank.

    We give away ALL code to the game once you purchase it, but no, we don't release it for free. It's only $9.99 USD which is less than a pack of smokes for those thinking it's WAYY to much.

    People are so cheap these days it makes me sick.

  • by ToAllPointsWest ( 801684 ) on Tuesday January 27, 2009 @05:06PM (#26628683) [] Not sure how far they've gotten though
  • by vindimy ( 941049 ) on Tuesday January 27, 2009 @05:50PM (#26629401) Homepage
    I have been playing an AWESOME open-source FPS called OpenArena []. It is based on the ioquake3 engine [] that id3 released under GPL license.

    OpenArena is a violent, sexy, multiplayer first person shooter based on the ioquake3 fork of the id tech 3 engine. It has many game types beyond deathmatch and a lot of characters. Due to violent and racy content, it may not be suitable for children under 17.

    The game is absolutely free and all development is done by the community, including maps, media, and running the game servers. IMHO, it's the only game worth playing that gives me exactly what I need - less BS effects, more fast-paced action and great flexibility at customization (settings, mods, etc). Also, it has a somewhat small but very unique community of players, server admins, and of course clans + n00bs.

    Direct download link for release 0.8.1: here [].

    Download, unzip, customize your settings, and you'll be fraggin' away!

  • "Mirror" (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 27, 2009 @05:59PM (#26629561)

    The website/masterserver for the game are slightly hosed at the moment, but here is some information on the game for people looking:

    Windows download link []
    Linux download link []

    From included readme.txt:
    Dear User,

    Welcome to Blood Frontier, and thanks for your interest! Please note that Blood Frontier is in early alpha stages, and as such, is not yet fully finished, polished, or even playable. It is intended as a multiplayer only demo of what is to come in future versions, meaning that singleplayer and enemies are not implemented yet. You are however invited to try out the features that have been added that will lead up to these things, such as; bots, online triggers, and much more :)

    If you are interested in development, or require technical support please visit the #bloodfrontier IRC channel on freenode at irc:// or you can visit our website, which offers more details at

    The source code, license, and related documentation can be found in the 'src' subdirectory of this archive. Enjoy messing around with our little project, and be sure to have fun!

    Acord, Quin, and the Blood Frontier Team


    Humanity has spread throughout the solar system, to Mars and beyond. A vast communications network bridges from colony to colony, human to machine, and machine to human. This seemingly benign keystone of inter-planetary society, however, appears to be the carrier of a mysterious biological plague. Any persons so-connected seem to fall ill and die, only to return as ravenous, sub-human cannibals. You, a machine intelligence, an android, remain unafflicted by this phenomenon. You have been tasked with destroying the growing hordes of the infected, and, hopefully, locating and stopping the source of this epidemic.

    Blood Frontier is a single-player and multi-player first-person shooter game, built as a total conversion of Cube Engine 2 (Sauerbraten). The project tries to work closely with the gaming and open source communities to provide a better overall experience, with a primary goal of creating a adventure based game environment that is flexible, fun, easy to use, and pleasing to the eye; it is a project with a true "by the people for the people" nature.

    During its life, the goals of the project have shifted dramatically from its original concept, lending itself toward a more balanced gameplay, completely at the control of map makers, while maintaining a general theme of tactics and low gravity. Building upon a main philosophy of making a game everyone likes, Quin attempts to make the development process more open, with ideas coming in from every direction, from your average player to your seasoned developer.

    The main adventure component of Blood Frontier will always be Free and Open Source Software, the only restriction is that currently you are free to distribute but not copy or reuse the artwork without permission. This project will eventually release its assests under an as-yet undetermined open source license, once it reaches full version. For a full list of people who have contributed see the Credits. For licensing information, please see the License.

    These are people who have helped shape Blood Frontier into what you see. Your name could be here too if you Donate or Collaborate.

    Anthony "Acord" Cord Original Blood Frontier concept, most art assets and content
    Quinton "Quin" Reeves Gameplay and AI code/design, community and website management
    Lee "Eihrul" Salzman Backports from Cube Engine 2, support, encouragement, code advice and speed improvements
    "Hirato Kirata

  • by men0s ( 1413347 ) on Tuesday January 27, 2009 @07:43PM (#26631127)
    For those who have ever spent an entire Typing Class period in middle school on a Mac playing Bolo will find WinBolo [] very familiar.

    While WinBolo has been around for a decade or so, the source was released about a month ago []. And by source, that means a few things: the logviewer, the server (Windows and Linux), the client (Windows), a Java port, as well as the backend for the domain.

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