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Quake Live Open Beta Begins Feb. 24th 60

The Quake Live team has announced that the beta will open to the public on Tuesday, February 24th. On Monday, they will take the servers down, wipe all stats and prune inactive accounts, then re-open on the public site. Personal settings and current account info will be maintained for active accounts. They also said, "We're going to post some additional information in the Developer Notes about the opening of the game, what it means to leave the 'beta' tag on the site during this time, and discuss some features and functionality that we're planning for the next couple of months that we know you'll be interested in." GameSetWatch ran a story recently by a columnist who tried out the closed beta, and we discussed John Carmack's thoughts on the game a few months back.
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Quake Live Open Beta Begins Feb. 24th

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  • by richrumble ( 988398 ) on Saturday February 21, 2009 @04:24PM (#26943197)
    It is fun! It is the best FPS I've played online ever. Note, its beta, there are still plenty of bugs. My biggest and fastest computer only gets 10-24fps, but my older mid-level is 125fps solid. The difference seems to be 64-bit XP vs 32-bit. Regardless of browser, video driver, single head, multi-head, picmip, screen resolution, fresh install or otherwise, the 64-bit machine get's terrible fps (usable, but not as nice) and the 32-bit screams... I've done everything I can, swapped video cards between to two... everything. But playing on the 32-bit is a lot of fun! The skill matching is pretty good, the levels are fresh, some are reworked, some of the good ones from RA3 are missing, but its still a blast. -rich
  • by cvd6262 ( 180823 ) on Saturday February 21, 2009 @11:38PM (#26946011)

    All playing the Quake Live beta did was remind me how far we've come in terms of multiplayer FPS. QIII was great in its day and the achievement of putting Quake online like they have cannot be overstated, but I just don't find the game fun anymore. The training match tells you all you need to know about the game: Spawn, Load-up, frag... Spawn, load-up, frag.

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