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Early Look At the New Bionic Commando 63

G4 had a chance to try out the upcoming Bionic Commando title due out in May. The game is a sequel to the NES version from 1988. Their impression is mostly positive: "The gameplay is fast and exciting, but a little light on combat, at least during the first level. There are also challenges that unlock upgrades for Nathan. These could be as simple as doing five zip kicks or as complex as killing a specific enemy with a specific move. It's a great way to add depth to the game and encourage the player to use all of the moves available to them." However, they do criticize the game's linearity, where movement is often restricted by arbitrarily placed radiation clouds. Capcom recently announced that a demo for the game will be available in the coming weeks.
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Early Look At the New Bionic Commando

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  • Re:360 and PS3? (Score:4, Informative)

    by El Gigante de Justic ( 994299 ) on Thursday April 16, 2009 @11:29AM (#27598305)

    So exactly how do you explain the following Wii titles:

    Resident Evil 4
    No More Heroes
    Madworld (one of the violent and profane games I've played in a while)
    House of the Dead: Overkill - which just got the Guinness World Record for most swearing in a video game.

    The problem isn't that Nintendo is unwilling to approve mature content, it's that many publishers aren't willing to try putting mature content on the system, and because they've been stalling on doing so, many of the gamers who would have bought those games have started to bail on the system. Just because the system has family friendly titles doesn't mean there aren't some dads out here who also want to play more mature games after the kids go to bed. At least Sega and Capcom are keeping that category alive.

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