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Linux Ported To Dingoo A320 51

Busshy writes "Linux has arrived on the Dingoo A320, a portable console that was recently released in Asia (bundled with emulators for 16-bit consoles) which looks like the bottom half of a DS Lite. It also has an XMB that closely resembles those that PSP and PS3 owners are used to. Homebrew Coders have already ported ScummVM and PRBoom (Doom Engine) to Dingoo Linux."
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Linux Ported To Dingoo A320

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  • Re:Great but... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by fuzzyfuzzyfungus ( 1223518 ) on Monday June 01, 2009 @01:55AM (#28164711) Journal
    You are likely right(if not a year, it'll be ebay fodder in 18 months). However, on the plus side, the Ingenic JZ4740 on which this device is based seems to be the beating heart of a nontrivial percentage of the wacky pacific rim media gizmos currently on the market. With any luck, and a bit of continued interest, this project should be able to mutate as needed to find newer hosts.

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