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ArenaLive, an Open Source MMOFPS 95

ZeXx86 writes "ArenaLive is a new open source game based on the well-known OpenArena. Its aim is to become an open-source alternative to id Software's QuakeLive. The main idea is to make a game available in your web browser. So far, the game is playable and provides player stats, straight-forward settings for your account in a web browser and, of course, loads of fun with your friends. At the moment, it is available only for 32/64bit Mozilla Firefox on GNU/Linux, however, support for other platforms and browsers is coming soon. The game is licensed under GNU/GPL2. It's still in an early development stage, so players and developers both are welcome to join."
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ArenaLive, an Open Source MMOFPS

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  • by upuv ( 1201447 ) on Sunday July 05, 2009 @08:07AM (#28585759) Journal

    ??? Project Managers ???

    Where do you live?
    Where do you work?
    How do I move there?
    Who do I have to bribe to get a job there?

    Clearly you have project managers of value for you to mention them as valuable assets! Actually contributers to the process and progression of a project?

    I need to know desperately where this nirvana is!

    What a second. Are you a project manager?

  • Re:mmoRPG (Score:5, Funny)

    by pandrijeczko ( 588093 ) on Sunday July 05, 2009 @08:28AM (#28585813)

    Well in my days of playing 1st Edition D&D during the late 1970s it was "Role-Playing Game" but when Doom and other FPS games came out, it also became "Rocket-Propelled Grenade".

    So I guess for a game like OpenArena, either could apply.

I've noticed several design suggestions in your code.