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CCP Announces Console MMO Tie-In To the EVE Universe 89

Hork_Monkey writes "CCP Games, developer of the popular MMO EVE Online, has announced a new game called Dust 514. Building on the EVE universe, this game will provide planetary combat from an RTS and FPS perspective, with significant impact into the space combat aspects of EVE Online. Love or hate EVE Online, this appears to be an innovative way to expand the overall universe by catering to a different gamer audience. A video with a trailer and further explanation was posted from GDC Europe."
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CCP Announces Console MMO Tie-In To the EVE Universe

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  • by Nyphur ( 514992 ) <> on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @01:13PM (#29120921) Homepage
    Massively has run another wrap-up article on the announcement: [] Details on how exactly this will impact 0.0 soverignty are scarce and as usually happens with the EVE forum when big announcements occur, people are assuming the worst. It's an ambitious plan that has the potential to extend EVE into the console market but there's a lot that could go wrong with it. If past experience is anything to go by though, CCP are certainly capable of doing the "impossible".
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @01:31PM (#29121305)

    Walking In Stations was always claimed to be based on an engine they were creating for an unrelated MMO.

    For comparison, here is one of the screenshots of Dust in their press release [], and a preview video of WIS [].

    However, to answer the GP, WIS won't include combat (at least in the first version), if for no other reason than it would clash with the established backstory for cloning (requires a lot of tech built into the players Pod to transmit current brain contents just before the moment of death), and thus make permadeath possible.

  • by harl ( 84412 ) on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @01:36PM (#29121449)

    CCP has stated they have no plans for combat in stations at this time. They want battles faught in space.

  • by Cornflake917 ( 515940 ) on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @02:41PM (#29122625) Homepage

    I have played all the Quakes, Unreals, and Half-Lifes, including CS semi-professionally. Guess what? I have fun playing Halo as well. Just because a superior control scheme exists for a game, doesn't mean that people can't enjoy the game on it's own merits.

  • by Andy Dodd ( 701 ) <{atd7} {at} {}> on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @03:43PM (#29123913) Homepage


    You, my friend, haven't been in a major battle in EVE if the node lasted for 30 minutes before crashing...

  • by Rhacman ( 1528815 ) on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @03:44PM (#29123919)
    I never really understood the attitude that EVE is a PVP _only_ game. CCP neither presents it as such, nor does the gameplay reflect it. PVP is a huge component of the game but it is hardly the _only_ component. From the EVE FAQ:

    "You can trade to make a living, conduct mining operations, market your fighting skills as a mercenary, camp the spacelanes for profit as a pirate, conduct espionage and infiltration, focus on research and manufacturing, or perform increasingly profitable missions for NPC (non player controlled, run by the EVE system) agents. What you choose to do day by day is up to you. You can play alone, form a corporation (equivalent of clan or guild) with a close group of friends or seek entrance to any of the large player run corporations and alliances already established."

    Personally I run R&D, invention, manufacturing, and work the market when I don't have much time to invest. I squeeze in a few missions when do have some time to kill mostly as an income supplement. The MMO aspect of the game provides me with a dynamic marketplace to work with and something to talk about with my buddies at work. I have played for roughly 2 years and have never even taken a shot at another player. EVE does not have the most exciting PVE content but it does have a lot of it if you know what to look for and if it is your cup of tea.
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    by TheThiefMaster ( 992038 ) on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @04:06PM (#29124343)

    In the top-right corner of this page is an advert* for the following site: **
    IT IS A SCAM ...but I don't know where to report it to.
    * for those of you not blocking ads. I myself have the slashdot "Ads disabled" checkbox immediately below that ad ticked, rather than running adblock on this site, but the advert's still there for some reason.
    ** url is not a link to protect the stupid

    If you go to that crazy page and read, it talks about "owning your server", "leveling" and "if you just want the ISK for your mount". NONE OF THESE APPLY TO EVE. EVE is a one server game, your character doesn't "level up" and you don't buy a "mount" with lots of currency. The page is a copy of another advert scam page, and they haven't even made it match the game they are scamming for, more than changing the currency. It even says "strategies that [...] make kama for you!". Kama is the currency from the Dofus, which unsuprisingly they ALSO have a page for:

    The Everquest 2 page on the same site is better:
    It says "all you have to do is take the link here to order your copy of EVE Ultimate gold Guide." (whoops, wrong game) and if you click the order link it invoices you for "Lord of the Rings Online Gold Guide". Clever.

    Now, does anyone know where I could report it to google (ads) as a scam?

  • by MotorMachineMercenar ( 124135 ) on Thursday August 20, 2009 @03:07AM (#29129989)

    I've played FPSs since Wolfenstein 3D, some would say obsessively. The level of hardcore I'm talking about can be summed up looking at the game list I played at the bottom. I got tired of upgrading my PC every two years (downing a console's worth of money each time), keeping up with what's the best bang-for-buck setup (I just want to play), aimbotting and dealing with incompatibilities between hardware components and/or software.

    Bought a PS3 and haven't played a PC game since (except Nethack). It just works. Killzone 2 is the only FPS I've played extensively, and it's good. I played the campaign almost through to acquaint myself with the controller, and now it's second nature.

    Of course it has slower pace, but that doesn't make it less harder, or more casual. It's just as enjoyable as TO:AOT, TCE, NS (as such a serious PC gamer as you are I'm sure you're familiar with those) or BF2 - without the hassle that comes with PCs I just mentioned. No autoaim, either.

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