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Fable III Announced For 2010 52

Flea of Pain writes "Fable III is finally in the works! 'Peter Molyneux revealed that his team is working on Fable III, which will arrive in late 2010, two years after the release of Fable II. The game will give you the primary task of becoming Albion's king and leading the people to happiness and the kingdom to glory. Fable III will be something bold and different, Molyneux promises, stating that story and drama will play a major part in it. New things will be done with the dog and the bread-crumb-trails mechanic, which were present in the second game, and you will be offered complete control of your actions and your people's actions, as you will be the king of Albion. ... [Y]ou will need to balance many things, including poverty and greed, tyranny and compassion or progress and tradition, all in order to keep your subjects happy. Furthermore, you will be able to set taxes and decide how you will rule your subjects. Your spouse, be it a king or a queen, will also point you into various directions over the course of the game. It seems that you will start as a son or daughter of the hero from Fable II and then progress until the halfway point of the game when you will be named king or queen of Albion. This means that you need to keep your save data from Fable II in order for a higher degree of customization.'"
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Fable III Announced For 2010

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  • Sounds exciting.. (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @02:20PM (#29122231)

    ..but hopefully it will have more content than Fable II, which seemed to be way too short. I know there is a lot more content such as side quests, having multiple families, etc., but it seemed like the storyline ended quickly.

    Also I am really hoping they improve the multiplayer capabilities. I was thoroughly disappointed when I found that when a friend joins your game, their only choice is to play some generic character. It would be nice for them to be able to choose the character from their own saved games.

    Regardless of all of that, I will probably still end up buying Fable III because I think it is an exciting series and well worth the money.

  • Re:realism (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Fwipp ( 1473271 ) on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @02:32PM (#29122451)

    Your spouse, be it a king or a queen, will also point you into various directions over the course of the game.

    Yeah, but I bet your "spouse" won't be able to be a same-sex ruler, and will be about as useful as Superfly.

    Why do you say that? I was perfectly able to play as and marry a woman in Fable II.

  • by elrous0 ( 869638 ) * on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @02:34PM (#29122481)
    The ability to actually visit your friends with YOUR character and be able to move around freely would be a huge improvement. Seriously, the multiplayer in Fable 2 felt like it wasn't even an afterthought--as if it was added on at the very last micro-second before it went gold by a single designer (who was drunk at the time).
  • Stop reading now (Score:5, Insightful)

    by jpmorgan ( 517966 ) on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @02:36PM (#29122519) Homepage
    Peter Molyneux talks about the game he'd like to make, not the game that is released; so if you want to enjoy this game, stop reading about Fable 3 now. Peter Molyneux gets excited and starts talking about all the features he wants to include... and then 18 months later after reality has forced a lot of compromises, gamers are disappointed. This isn't to say that he makes bad games... I've played Fable and Fable 2, and enjoyed both. They're certainly a lot more original than most of the shovelware produced these days, and I consider them to be upper tier. But the key is not to play them with unrealistic expectations. So don't read about Fable 3. The game will be good, so long as you don't expect it to be the Best Game in the Universe, as Molyneux often makes his games out to be.
  • by Itchyeyes ( 908311 ) on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @02:37PM (#29122537) Homepage

    I could probably sit here and make a list 3 pages long of changes and improvements that I'd like to see in Fable 3 (and I genuinely enjoyed Fable 2). But if I had to pick just one thing that I'd like to see in the next game it would be this. One of the things about Fable 2 that really set it apart from all the others in my mind, was the ability for the character to truly influence the environment of the game world. Save a farmer from a group of bandits, for instance, and 10 years later there's a thriving farm where there was just a shack and a meager carrot patch. Choose not to save him, or join that bandits though and even the farm would be just a distant memory.

    However, this aspect of the game was only expressed at a handful of choice moments in Fable 2. The one thing I'd like to see in Fable 3 is more of these, a lot more, and more dynamic changes as well.

  • by BForrester ( 946915 ) on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @02:43PM (#29122685)

    I'd be more excited about Fable II coming to the PC than hearing about another 360 exclusive.

  • Re:realism (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Itchyeyes ( 908311 ) on Wednesday August 19, 2009 @03:04PM (#29123089) Homepage

    Yeah, but I bet your "spouse" won't be able to be a same-sex ruler

    Really? If there was ever a game that would allow this, I would think it would be Fable. Both previous games have allowed for homosexual relationships and marriages. Not to mentioned that polygamy, STDs, orgys, birth control, and infidelity were also all included in some form or another in Fable 2. As far as video games go, Fable is about as sexually progressive as you get.

  • by Fallingcow ( 213461 ) on Thursday August 20, 2009 @11:24AM (#29133397) Homepage

    I was being serious, not trolling. Thought I was offering useful advice. Wish I'd read something like my post before paying money for such a crappy game. Never even occurred to me that I might get any sort of negative mod for that post. Huh.

    You know a sequel sucks when it makes you want to quit playing about 1/4 of the way through and break out the original instead--and then never go back to the sequel ever again.

    I've muddled through some bad RPGs, but at least the ARPGs like Fable usually satisfy some sort of dungeon-clearing, exploring urge in me, so that I slug through it even if I'm not enjoying any of the rest of the game. Fable II didn't even do that. To me, the worst thing someone can say about a game is that it fails at what it's trying to do, and Fable II fails hard at pretty much everything it shoots for.

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