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Monopoly Uses Google Maps To Go Live Online 81

CWmike writes "Think you're a Monopoly whiz? Remember running the board and shaming your property-less competitors when playing board games on the living room floor? Well, the age-old game of buying property and making your rivals pay big for landing on your Railroad is now going global. The new, free web game will use Google Maps and Street View to make the whole planet the game board. The online version of Monopoly is set to launch on Wednesday."
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Monopoly Uses Google Maps To Go Live Online

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  • Monopoly? (Score:4, Funny)

    by nacturation ( 646836 ) * <> on Wednesday September 09, 2009 @01:23AM (#29362197) Journal

    I bet Microsoft is the most expensive square.

  • I'm pretty sure Pensyvania Avenue, Route 66, the Golden Gate bridge, and other famous thoroughfares will be very heavily contested.
  • This appears to be an excellent use of crowd sourcing by Google to get the whole world modeled in 3d.

    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      This appears to be an excellent use of crowd sourcing by Google to get the whole world modeled in 3d.

      Cue penis-monster buildings in 3..2...1...

  • Actually this looks like a nifty way to get people into Sketchup design and such. I hope it is a success.
    • by macshit ( 157376 )

      Actually this looks like a nifty way to get people into Sketchup design and such. I hope it is a success.

      I dunno, the whole sketchup thing seems a bit dodgy. From what I can see, they get people to donate models to them, but seem to be trying hard to keep the model format proprietary (by "they" I guess it's the company who originally made it, which google bought). I couldn't find any freely available (non-NDA) documentation on the format, and while they make an SDK available, it's not FOSS [and is written in Ruby, which is probably not what most people want to use].

      Personally, while I love the idea of an ac

  • Use Atlantic City, which is what the game is based on. You can use real crack houses and casinos for hotels.

  • I'm not sure my neighbors will be very happy. It seems like a nice way to piss of some real life property owners.

  • A truly awful, dull game. I wonder if this will be any more interesting?
  • I had this idea yesterday. Bastards.

    • by Mhtsos ( 586325 )
      Imagine a file, called robots.txt. It says:
      User-agent: *
      Disallow: /
      Now keep imaging it if you don't want this to happen again.
  • If you played dirty you grabbed your opponent's favourite playing piece. I always favoured the race car.
  • by frenchbedroom ( 936100 ) on Wednesday September 09, 2009 @03:10AM (#29362731)
    I read some comments about the game being very dull or boring, but I have to play devil's advocate : did you guys play with the real rules ? There's a very misunderstood rule in the game, which is that when you land on a vacant street and you don't want to buy it, it is then AUCTIONED. This is what the game is all about : business ! You can refuse to pay the street at face value and get it at a lower price, or force your opponents to compete for it. This makes the game shorter as you can bankrupt your opponents faster.
  • by stavrica ( 701765 ) on Wednesday September 09, 2009 @03:25AM (#29362805) Homepage Journal
    Why not Risk on Google Maps instead? Something like BattleCell [] ? It should have:

    1. Troops that travel (of course)
    2. Ships that can attack by sea (new)
    3. Topographic component (altitude matters in a battle)
    4. Instant Messaging (language translation?)
    5. Allies (allies are important... maybe they can give me stuff?)

    It would have to be all AJAX. Flash slows everything down. Plus, Google Maps API is a great AJAX implementation anyhow. The graphics would have to be decent. It can't look like a web page... should look like a console instead... something like Starcraft. That would work.

    Ballistic Missiles could make things interesting too. That would be a new concept. But, it would have to be something similar to Scorched Earth that requires players to refine their projectile settings. Maybe make things interesting depending on the warhead used?

    Then, one guy can conquer the whole planet... I wonder how that would compare to Monopoly...
    • by anarchyboy ( 720565 ) on Wednesday September 09, 2009 @04:32AM (#29363143)
      I don't know what game you are pitching but it doesn't sound like risk.
      • I don't know what game you are pitching but it doesn't sound like risk.

        Pull my finger and find out.

        If you're going to have the whole world playing... (well, a few million players, anyway) ...then 42 countries just won't do. So you'd need to break the world into smaller units... say, 1 minute by 1 minute cells.

        Likewise, you can't really do a turn-based system... You'd have to use a time-based troop-earning mechanism instead. But, earning money in time makes a bit more sense than earning troops... so each "cell" can earn some currency every-so-often, and then you can buy

      • by MRe_nl ( 306212 )

        Sounds like Axis and Allies [] with nukes to me.

    • by ZosoZ ( 1603973 )
      Ballistic Missiles could make things interesting too.

      Let's play Global Thermonuclear War...
    • by martas ( 1439879 )
      Oh, oh, i know a cool new feature to add! To increase the realistic aspect of gameplay, actually perform all the actions users perform in the game! So, for example, if someone buys all the houses in a county, and turns them all into hotels or shopping malls, actually demolish the houses and evict the residents! Or, if someone sends a nuclar missile to DC, players in Richmond would get the full experience by seeing weird flashes of light on the horizon, followed by a radioactive dust cloud, followed by cance
    • That is a bit closer to what you are describing instead of Risk. Of course any of the good board games from years gone by, like Axis and Allies, could be placed on Google Maps. All we are doing is adding a "dynamic" map.

      Now of course I am sure there are people who would take great offense with a war game using Google Maps... like Google, but its just fluff. If the game was good before the use of the Google Maps then it will be good afterward...

    • Forget that! I'd rather just play Global Thermonuclear War? I'm sure it's better in AJAX than over that 300 baud modem used in the movie!
  • So do we need a new acronym for this?

    Massively Multiplayer Online Monopoly ? MMOM?

  • by Richard Fairhurst ( 900015 ) on Wednesday September 09, 2009 @09:29AM (#29364877) Homepage
    It also uses street data from OpenStreetMap []. And, you know, this being Slashdot and all, you'd have thought the "open" stuff might be mildly interesting... maybe a bit more so than "New Site Uses The Same Maps API Seven Million Sites Have Used Before". Still, meh.
  • It seems that the game has been recently reset... maybe about an hour ago... Land grab time!
    • To anyone still interested in this, it has become an epic failure...
      Millions of people played, cheaters took over, they reset the game, and it still sucks. The rents were increasing more than exponentialy, now they dropped the rents and pissed everyone off. It will be quite interesting to see what happens.
      The blog [] is loaded with complaints.

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