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Computer Games and Traditional CS Courses 173

drroman22 writes "Schools are working to put real-world relevance into computer science education by integrating video game development into traditional CS courses. Quoting: 'Many CS educators recognized and took advantage of younger generations' familiarity and interests for computer video games and integrate related contents into their introductory programming courses. Because these are the first courses students encounter, they build excitement and enthusiasm for our discipline. ... Much of this work reported resounding successes with drastically increased enrollments and student successes. Based on these results, it is well recognized that integrating computer gaming into CS1 and CS2 (CS1/2) courses, the first programming courses students encounter, is a promising strategy for recruiting and retaining potential students." While a focus on games may help stir interest, it seems as though game development studios are as yet unimpressed by most game-related college courses. To those who have taken such courses or considered hiring those who have: what has your experience been?
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Computer Games and Traditional CS Courses

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  • by TheThiefMaster ( 992038 ) on Wednesday November 25, 2009 @04:38AM (#30223758)

    On the other hand, when I'm at home I code Inserts/Updates/Selects/Deletes, and in an hour I'll be going to the office to program a game.

    Ok, ok, the SQL is part of a web-based game I rarely work on in my free time, I normally spend my free time playing games, but it's still funny how opposed it is to what you said.

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