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3D Blu-ray Spec Finalized, PS3 Supported 157

Lucas123 writes "The Blu-ray Disc Association announced today that it has finalized the specification for Blu-ray 3-D discs. The market for 3-D, which includes 3-D enabled televisions, is expected to be $15.8 billion by 2015. Blu-ray 3-D will create a full 1080p resolution image for both eyes using MPEG4-MVC format. Even though two hi-def images are produced, the overhead is typically only 50% compared to equivalent 2D content. The spec also allows PS3 game consoles to play Blu-ray 3-D content. 'The specification also incorporates enhanced graphic features for 3D. These features provide a new experience for users, enabling navigation using 3D graphic menus and displaying 3D subtitles positioned in 3D video.'"
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3D Blu-ray Spec Finalized, PS3 Supported

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  • Re:What? (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday December 18, 2009 @03:15AM (#30484324)

    blu ray is tanking

    something like 2000 dvds sell for every 1 discounted blu-ray sale


    look at sales figures for blu-ray for the whole year in sales not shiped then look at dvd

  • Re:Subtitles? (Score:3, Informative)

    by nacturation ( 646836 ) * <nacturation @ g m ail.com> on Friday December 18, 2009 @03:32AM (#30484404) Journal

    Why do we need 3D subtitles? What good could possibly come of this?

    When everything else is in 3D, having subtitles in 2D puts them at the furthest effective focal distance. 3D subtitles doesn't necessarily mean that all subtitles are on an angle with depth and drop shadows... it could be used only as a means to control where they appear on the Z axis.

    A character in the foreground could have their subtitle float in the foreground for example. When you see "[music playing]" as a subtitle, it could be positioned at the same focal distance as that piano player in the back of the room. When the bird on a branch chirps right in your face, the subtitle is in your face too. Would be really cool for an action comic kind of "biff" "pow" subtitles without baking them into the video frame.

  • Re:Why? (Score:2, Informative)

    by sznupi ( 719324 ) on Friday December 18, 2009 @03:32AM (#30484410) Homepage

    That actually might be an effort to give something which is decisively different from "good enough" DVD.

    And hoping people will like it, of course.

  • Re:Why? (Score:0, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday December 18, 2009 @04:04AM (#30484482)

    I'm willing to pay for it. I saw Avatar last night in 3d and it was amazing. Totally worth the extra money.

  • Re:Why? (Score:2, Informative)

    by masshuu ( 1260516 ) on Friday December 18, 2009 @04:05AM (#30484492)
    My parents went to the Dallas stadium last weekend, and i guess they were showing the display in 3D and gave everyone glasses, my parents comment was that there probably not gonna try that again. I took the glasses(basic Red/Blue filter) and tried to watch some 3D stuff on my computer, just having the glasses on was a pain, i hardly made it 10 seconds into watching some stuff online before i stopped.
  • Re:Why? (Score:2, Informative)

    by ChatHuant ( 801522 ) on Friday December 18, 2009 @04:30AM (#30484580)

    Coraline, Up

    Well, I saw Coraline in 3D, with the red/blue glasses; I won't repeat the experience. The 3D effect came and went, glasses got annoying after a time, I had to keep my head straight up or the two images got out of sync (so no stretching on the sofa), the colors were all washed up and changed weirdly (maybe my eyes aren't trained to correct for brightness with colored glasses?). But even if the quality were better, I don't think this kind of gimmick adds much to the movie. I'll wait for real 3D displays, maybe holography-based.

  • by spike1856 ( 948488 ) on Friday December 18, 2009 @05:32AM (#30484910)
    Really? They plan to upgrade all existing consoles to be 3d-capable via a firmware upgrade, but the only way to get a console capable of bitstreaming the new audio codecs is to buy the new PS3 Slim model. Awesome work there, Sony. Not that it's really a big deal to send LPCM instead of bitstream, but it would be nice to have the option at least.
  • Re:Subtitles? (Score:2, Informative)

    by idji ( 984038 ) on Friday December 18, 2009 @06:26AM (#30485128)
    I watched Avatar in 3D last night. The Na'vi subtitles where hovering "in front of the scene" - not " in the scene"
  • Re:What? (Score:4, Informative)

    by TheKidWho ( 705796 ) on Friday December 18, 2009 @08:34AM (#30485688)

    No, the problem with the virtual boy was an insanely low refresh rate.

    Look at the Nvidia 3D vision setup for what a modern system should be like.

  • Re:Subtitles? (Score:3, Informative)

    by Hurricane78 ( 562437 ) <deleted&slashdot,org> on Friday December 18, 2009 @09:31AM (#30486140)

    It’s not a question of “needing” them. :)

    It’s simple physics: With those glasses, everything has a depth position. Whether you want it or not. So even if you put the subtitles at position zero, it will still look like it’s hovering in space.

    Don’t worry, I found the subtitles to be even more readable than normal 2D ones and was positively surprised.

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