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Warhammer Online Users Repeatedly Overbilled 216

TheSpoom writes "A screw-up in EA's Warhammer Online billing system has resulted in many players being charged upwards of 22 times for a one-month subscription, filling bank accounts with overdraft fees and the Warhammer forums with very angry players, who are discussing the issue quite vocally. EA has said that refunds are in progress and that '[they] anticipate that once the charges have been reversed, any fees that have been incurred should be refunded as well.' They haven't specifically promised to refund overdraft charges, only to ask customers' banks to refund them once the actual charges are refunded. They seem to be assuming banks will have no problem with this."
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Warhammer Online Users Repeatedly Overbilled

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  • Re:Lawsuit (Score:5, Funny)

    by Red Flayer ( 890720 ) on Friday April 09, 2010 @12:16AM (#31785730) Journal

    4) are the damages enough to realistically sue them and spend thousands of dollars in legal fees ? No.

    Aw, come on. This is a perfect example of why we have class-action lawsuits. It's not worth it for any single member of the class to pursue it in the courtroom, but banded together with sufficient legal representation, they could put the hurt on EA.

    This would be perfect, I can see it now:

    Court findings: For the plaintiffs, the sum of $1,000,000 to be split among the class and awarded in vouchers for three months of free play on Warhammer Online, plus lawyers' fees of $10,000,000 to be awarded in cash to the legal representation team.

  • by rennerik ( 1256370 ) on Friday April 09, 2010 @12:47AM (#31785922)
    I've been with a number of banks, including BofA, Washington Mutual, and lately Wells Fargo. I'm not that old, but I've been banking for around 10 years, so I've had my fair share of unfair fees and what-not, but all in all, there has been one thing that has helped me over the years, and that is establishing a personal relationship with your banker.

    Many banks see you as just a number with some cash tied to it. The more cash you have, the more valuable your business, but unless you have tens of thousands of cash at a branch, most banks don't care. So, in lieu of having a bunch of cash, you'll have to cash in (bad pun intended) on the human element to get human treatment.

    For me, I make sure I go into the branch every now and then to make deposits, and stop by my banker's desk, ask her how her day is going, and so on. These five minute conversations are important, because they re-enforce your presence to them, and they show that you care. Once a year, for Christmas/New Year's, I buy her a small gift and write her a card (expensive isn't important; under $20 is perfect). I make sure to thank her for everything, wish her a great year, and so on.

    So, for a bit of attention and a
    My point is, we can all complain that banks are evil machines not caring about people, but we're part of the problem because we treat them like machines. But if we make that effort to treat them as a company run by humans, we might make some headway towards being treated as humans in turn.

    (Disclaimer: YMMV of course. I left BofA because no one there gave a shit. I'd had luck with both WF and WaMu)
  • by dangitman ( 862676 ) on Friday April 09, 2010 @04:35AM (#31786884)
    If you're paying for Warhammer Online, aren't you being overcharged by definition?
  • Re:Lawsuit (Score:5, Funny)

    by Elky Elk ( 1179921 ) on Friday April 09, 2010 @05:59AM (#31787288)

    Would you have to file one class-action for the wizards, one for warriors etc....

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