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Final Fight Brings Restrictive DRM To the PS3 240

Channard writes "As reported by Joystiq, the PS3/PlayStation Network version of Final Fight Double Impact features a rather restrictive piece of digital rights management. In order to launch the game, you have to be logged into the PlayStation Network and if you're not, the game refuses to launch. This could be written off as a bug of some kind except for the fact that the error message that crops up tells you to sign in, suggesting Sony/Capcom intentionally included this 'feature.' Granted, you do have to log into the PlayStation Network to buy the title but as one commentator pointed out, logging in once does not mean you'll be logged in all the time. Curiously, the 360 version has no such restrictions, so you can play the game whether you're online or offline. But annoying as this feature may be, there may be method in Sony's madness. "
Channard continues, "The key difference between buying titles on the 360's Marketplace and Sony's PlayStation Store is that buying a title from the Marketplace only usually entitles you to play that title on a single console. A PlayStation Network account, on the other hand, can be used to license up to five consoles, meaning any title purchased from that account can be played on five different consoles. And these consoles can be de-authorized and re-authorized at will, allowing gamers to switch licenses around. This has led to a practice known as PSN game sharing, whereby gamers can purchase a title together, thereby paying a fifth of the cost of the game, and still allowing anyone to play the game on their console. Whether this has had any direct impact upon Sony or Capcom's apparent decision to implement this forced sign-in system is unknown. [Though an email from a Capcom employee seems to confirm this.] But Final Fight is the first title to feature this system — it'd be interesting to know whether this was done at Sony or Capcom's request."
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Final Fight Brings Restrictive DRM To the PS3

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  • by MC68040 ( 462186 ) <> on Friday April 23, 2010 @03:49AM (#31952080) Homepage

    Well, its a funny thing actually.

    I've downloaded items (like game maps, etc) using my friends accounts on MY ps3.
    While I've not bought these items I've had access to them when the machine isn't logged in to their ps network account (nor mine, e.g. just logged in locally to my user).

    Which basically means free game extras.. (still, paying £40 for a game then £2-5 for 6-7 extra maps is a ripoff in my book, and yes I know, its entirely optional to purchase the extra content, no flames please)

    Note: The accounts aren't linked per say. I believe there's some "family" account thingy where you can share some (or all?) purchases between linked ps3 accounts.

  • by SeaFox ( 739806 ) on Friday April 23, 2010 @05:17AM (#31952596)

    The summary says they mention adding this restriction to keep people from sharing a PSN account to share a game. But it also means that hacked or Linux-enabled PS3's wont be able to play it either, as those machines are not running the most recent firmware and are banned from the PSN.

  • So your console died and you didn't call Nintendo? They do have a replacement program the last I checked [] where they transfer your data to the new console...

    From Nintendo's website:

    How long is my warranty in the US or Canada and how do I check the warranty status?

    Nintendo systems carry a standard twelve-month warranty, which is one of the longest standard warranties in the video game industry. For more information and to look up your system's warranty status, click here.

    How can I pay for my repair if is not under warranty?

    We accept Visa or MasterCard, or for some options you can send in a check or money order with your repair. The payment options and pricing will depend on the type of repair selected. If you have a question about payment, please call 1-800-255-3700.

    You can probably still send it in.

  • by Hatta ( 162192 ) on Friday April 23, 2010 @10:29AM (#31955054) Journal

    Except when the majority sees *OOH PRETTY!* and buys anyway, thereby depriving those of us who care about our rights the only influence we have.

  • by TrekkieGod ( 627867 ) on Saturday April 24, 2010 @01:59PM (#31968242) Homepage Journal

    This leads to people sharing an account amongst themselves so that everyone can have the games but they are only payed for once.

    The actual console you make the download with needs to register. Sony specifically allowed 5 different consoles to have the games, so that's not really "pirating." In fact, the reasonable DRM they used to have was the only reason that I actually decided it wasn't that bad, and bought playstation games. Other people I shared account with decided they needed to "pay me back" for the games I was allowing them to play, and bought additional games. All of this resulted in our sharing network buying more and more games, leading to more profit for Sony.

    In the end, I now realize that I was stupid for not realizing that any DRM, regardless of how permissive it appears to be, is still evil and unacceptable. They can always change how permissive they are after they already have your money, and then you're fucked. Now that Sony has gone back to their completely evil ways and are removing OtherOS support and allowing stricter DRM after a few years of being rather nice with their PS3 (you can easily replace your hard-drive with any laptop SATA drive, controllers are standard bluetooth, ports are USB, OtherOS support, etc.), they already got the money I used to purchase the PS3, AND the PS3 games I bought.

    Fuck me and my naivity. Oh well, lesson learned.

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