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Lord of the Rings Online To Go Free-To-Play 138

darkwing_bmf sends word of Turbine's announcement that Lord of the Rings Online will become a free-to-play game this fall. 'The move is another validation of the free-to-play business model, where gamers can play for free and pay real money for virtual goods such as better weapons or decorative gear for their game characters. The business model has been popular in Asia but only recently took off in the US. This move shows the pressure is building on game publishers to shift to the new business model or face declining audiences.' According to a post on the official website, LotRO's micro-transaction system will be "very similar" to how Turbine's DDO store works, and current subscribers will maintain all of their privileges.
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Lord of the Rings Online To Go Free-To-Play

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  • by DrXym ( 126579 ) on Friday June 04, 2010 @04:41PM (#32463458)
    I need to proof read - s/always ran/also-ran/g.
  • by rcuhljr ( 1132713 ) on Friday June 04, 2010 @04:53PM (#32463606)
    Turbine runs the free to play D&D:O. Paying didn't offer any real huge advantages, other then time saving. The concerns about 'omg they'll buy the sword of truths!' are overstated amongst western MMO's. There are games where that's a real problem, but it's not by any means a guarantee.
  • by tattood ( 855883 ) on Friday June 04, 2010 @05:08PM (#32463784)
    From the free-to-play FAQ [lotro.com]:

    Q: Will I still be able to play and enjoy the game without buying items from the LOTRO Store, or is that my only option for gaining weapons, armor, potions, and other goodies such as premium loot?

    A: The purchase of items in the LOTRO Store is entirely optional. While items in the Store are designed to immediately enhance your in-game experience, premium loot and rare gear are the rewards of adventure and are only obtainable through gameplay.

    So no, a real-world "rich person" (as if rich people play online games) will not be able to gain an edge and pwn you.
  • by zero_out ( 1705074 ) on Friday June 04, 2010 @05:13PM (#32463840)

    Except that this is far from the case in LOTRO. You can buy access to things like character slots, unlock the ability to carry more money (5 gold limit is extremely small), and yes, buy some gear. The difference is that the gear is nice, but not nearly as nice as the stuff you get from dungeon instances or raids. Besides, LOTRO doesn't have PVP. It has PVMP, which means that you can either play on the side of the Free Peoples (human/elf/hobbit/dwarf) OR the side of the creeps (warg/uruk/orc/spider). Creeps don't get gear, are always max level, and can't leave the one specific PVMP zone.

    On top of all this, having more money than me doesn't mean anything if we're both pay-subscribers. The ceiling that you can pay is $15/month, as it has been for 3 years. You can't spend $50 to get something better than me, who pays $15/month (if I wasn't a lifer). All this does is add a lower-class player to the already existing middle-class (everyone else ATM). It doesn't add a rich-class who can spend wads of cash to be better than someone who only pays $15/month. And again, even if it did, there is no PVP, so the rich-class can't pwn the middle-class.

  • by McBeer ( 714119 ) on Friday June 04, 2010 @05:30PM (#32464034) Homepage
    They will continue to get access to everything they have already and get a crap ton of credits for future stuff. A friend of mine has a lifetime subscription and doesn't seem to feel slighted by the changes.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday June 04, 2010 @05:34PM (#32464080)

    I'm a lifer, and I don't feel slighted either. And no, that's not just the fear and the agony rationalizing. We get all the content we currently have, plus perm status as VIP (their word for the subscription based services). We get a lot of bonus credits starting off just for being Lifers, plus a stipend of 500 free points per month until the game closes. Seems to me like they actually put thought into those they had already taken money from.

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