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Porting Aquaria To the PSP 25

Apple Prophet writes "Just a few short weeks after BitBlot released the source to Aquaria as part of the Humble Indie Bundle, Andrew Church hacked up an ambitious homebrew port of the game to the PSP. He wrote a detailed synopsis of the technical challenges in an article on the Wolfire Blog, and of course, contributed all of the patches back to the project so anyone with a homebrew-equipped PSP can try it out. Check out the mercurial repository for the source."
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Porting Aquaria To the PSP

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  • by achurch ( 201270 ) on Saturday July 03, 2010 @02:56AM (#32783782) Homepage

    From the game's website, screenshots, and hardware requirements it seems possible that this game could be ported to the Wii. The simplistic control scheme (mouse only, keyboard can just be used for starting/exiting game) could easily have it work on pretty much any gamepad for any system. The technical hurdles the dev went through just to get it to the PSP (a platform of much less popularity than several others) suggests he possesses the resolution to get Aquaria on other systems.

    Just for the record, this PSP port is totally unofficial -- I did it mainly for the challenge of porting (and because I enjoyed the heck out of the game). That said, judging from the Wii's specs, I don't think a Wii port would be too difficult as long as you don't have to copy textures into GPU RAM for drawing. The Linux port uses SDL and OpenGL, so if there's a functional SDL/GL port for the Wii, that could save a lot of time.

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