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Xbox Head Proclaims Blu-ray Dead 547

Blacklaw writes "Microsoft has sided with Apple in a rare case of solidarity between the two companies, and declares that Blu-ray will be 'passed by' as a high-definition format. In many ways, it's hard to disagree. US markets have seen the demand for legal digital downloads of PC games exceed sales of the physical object for the first time, and Apple famously refuses to put a Blu-ray drive in its Macs, as Jobs prefers to send people towards iTunes to download their entertainment. That said, there's an argument for physical media, too. A recent survey suggested that the majority of gamers prefer physical discs, and digital downloads have the secondary effect of entirely cutting out the popular market for second-hand films and games — a plus for publishers, but a big negative for the consumer."
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Xbox Head Proclaims Blu-ray Dead

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  • by pablo_max ( 626328 ) on Wednesday September 22, 2010 @11:04AM (#33662604)

    Now I can finally get of the fence and order my new HD DVD player! Awesome.

  • by Thanshin ( 1188877 ) on Wednesday September 22, 2010 @11:34AM (#33663198)

    None the less, the anecdote is still good even if the science isn't.

    Really? Wow! My analogies will be even better now!

    You know, if you throw a car into a pool of acid, it will jump out, but if you throw it into an empty pool and then pour the acid, it will stay and die. Thus, you should buy physical disks of all your games because cracked installers will magically disappear tomorrow.

  • by Thanshin ( 1188877 ) on Wednesday September 22, 2010 @11:42AM (#33663362)

    "Film your own movies"/"Write your own books"/"Build your own games"/"Perform your own music" will be the response of the copyright conglomerates. And people will and do now, but, good luck distributing anything when all playback devices are locked down.

    What are you talking about? What kind of dystopian future world you imagine that will lock down computers?

    Trusted Computing will prevent you from running apps that aren't signed by huge corporations that can afford to pay the certification and membership fees which really just funnel back to themselves because they belong to the organizations that benefit (see the existing relationships between movie studios and the MPAA).

    Ah, I see now. Yes, that will probably happen. Because nobody would ever think of creating an unlocked computer with decades old technology, just to play the movies, and become rich.

    Seriously, that future you're imagining is impossible. Many bad things can happen, but technology doesn't go backwards.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday September 22, 2010 @12:02PM (#33663818)

    You'd hope sales would be up since 1020.

  • by MarcQuadra ( 129430 ) on Wednesday September 22, 2010 @01:27PM (#33665318)

    Hello, I am a strategist for the Tea Party. We are intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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