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Panasonic Invites Gamers To the Jungle 74

donniebaseball23 writes "In a move that will instantly conjure up memories of the infamous 3DO failure, Panasonic has once again decided to throw its hat into the gaming ring, unveiling an online-focused handheld called the Jungle. It features a high-resolution display, a D-pad, a touch pad, and a full mini-keyboard in addition to standard gaming shoulder buttons. Wireless support is a given, as Panasonic is talking heavily about the console's online features, but whether that's Wi-Fi or 3G remains unclear. M2 Research analyst Billy Pidgeon said, 'The Jungle is a highly specialized dedicated portable for a non-existent market. This is an unprecedented hardware strategy, and probably for good reason. If MMO players want to go more portable than a laptop, I guess this would be the way to go. Frankly, this looks like a non-starter.'" An anonymous reader notes comments from NetDevil's Ryan Seabury, who thinks the decision to have the device run Linux is a mistake.
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Panasonic Invites Gamers To the Jungle

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  • by mwvdlee ( 775178 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2010 @03:15AM (#33805136) Homepage

    The Kotaku article essentially states that people who don't care about the OS or have never even heard of Linux are NOT going to buy it because it runs Linux.
    A lot of embedded hardware uses Linux, and most of the users of such hardware neither know nor care what OS it runs and they're certainly not going to reject it because of the OS.
    Some people (like Slashdot users) might buy it BECAUSE it has Linux, but that does not mean other people WON'T buy it.

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