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Nvidia Adds GeForce GTX 570 To Graphics Lineup 52

crookedvulture writes "Filling the gap between mid-range graphics cards around the $200 mark and high-end excess that costs upward of $500, Nvidia has added a $350 GeForce GTX 570 to its stable of graphics cards. Based on the company's latest GF110 GPU, the GTX 570 offers equivalent performance to last year's flagship GTX 480 with lower power consumption and a cheaper price tag. The value proposition is strong with this one, although as The Tech Report's review points out, it would be wise to hold out until AMD's "Cayman" graphics card breaks cover, which it's expected to do next week."
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Nvidia Adds GeForce GTX 570 To Graphics Lineup

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  • by alvinrod ( 889928 ) on Tuesday December 07, 2010 @09:59PM (#34482406)
    The performance is most certainly larger than 5% (Consider that it can have upwards of 50% performance improvement over the 470 which was launched earlier this year.), but you fail to consider that this performance will be delivered for fewer watts, saving power both in and of itself and through the reduced need for cooling. Benchmarks from AnandTech [] show that Crysis will give this card a workout when played at 2560 x 1600 with high settings, so it's somewhat disingenuous to claim that there's nothing out there that will tax this card. It's definitely a card for enthusiast gamers who want to use the highest resolutions and graphics settings so it's definitely not something the mainstream will care about.

    The new cards also have significant compute advantages compared to previous generation cards. The 570 has 4x the performance of a 285 in some benchmarks. [] The 285 came out less than two years ago and cost significantly more at the time of release. OpenCL is allowing graphics cards the opportunity to do a lot of things other than just 3D rendering. For some workflows, investing in these powerful graphics cards is a lot better than buying better CPUs.

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